How to Commit to Shopping Your Closet

Years of training as a mental health counselor have taught me a few things. For one if we want to stop engaging in a habit we have to replace it with something. So if you wanted to quit smoking you’d have to figure out what you got from it in the first place and how you will now fill that void and meet that need. I could go on and on, but as my boys like to remind me, not everything has to be a lesson.

So let’s get real here. I have known for a long time I enjoy shopping way too much. While I’ve toyed with the idea of a shopping or spending freeze, psychologically speaking I’d be setting myself up for failure. Here’s the truth about me: tell me I can’t have or do something and it’s all I can think about. Instead I choose to focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do. It’s a simple strategy of focusing on the positive; what you pay attention to you get more of – it’s true in so many areas btw!

Here’s my plan – I am choosing to shop my current wardrobe. I am focusing on getting to wear my wardrobe in new and fresh ways and feeling joyful and happy every step of the way. Instead of acting like I am on some type of restrictive diet I am realizing I have an entire buffet from which to feast! The best part? The buffet is loaded with things I love!

So, take a look at a combo I have never worn before. Denim shorts and a chambray shirt. I added a favorite statement necklace and voila! An outfit I love!Chambray Shirt + Denim Shorts

Similar Shirt|| Jean Shorts||Wedges||Similar Necklace

Chambray Shirt + Denim Shorts

Similar Shirt|| Jean Shorts||Wedges||Similar Necklace

I’m not really sure I can pull off a half tuck like this – I have seen it done before but I’ll be honest – the first thing my husband said was, “um your shirt is out on the one side.”  If I have to explain that that’ s the style then I feel self conscious.

Another day, another shorts outfit. Featuring relatively new pieces but still shopping my closet and finding ways to fall in love with what I already own. I love the look of a faux wrap top and the longer shorts #oxymoron elevate my casual look. Where did I wear this outfit? To get a pedicure with my friend and then to work (from home). You know what I decided?  I don’t have to be going somewhere to wear clothes I like. Fashom Wrap Top + Pink Shorts

Similar Top||Shorts||Wedges||Similar Necklace

Fashom Wrap Top + Pink Shorts

Similar Top||Shorts|| Wedges||Similar Necklace

So, are you feeling like me? Ready to embrace shopping your closet? Here are my tips for successfully committing to shopping your closet:

  • Put a positive spin on this exercise – rather than calling it a “spending freeze” or “shopping ban” rephrase and say “I am styling pieces I love in new ways!”
  • Search Pinterest (follow me here) and find ways to re-create looks with what you already own
  • Commit to only buying pieces that you love, that fit you now, and that you can wear at least 3 ways. You may be in the process of building your wardrobe. If that’s the case, continue to build and then try this.

My goals everyday is to feel good on the inside and try to project that on the outside. Like it or not how we dress is one way we convey how we value ourselves.

Thank you for stopping by today – I am honored by each and every one of you who pays me a visit! I’ll be back on Wednesday, until then find joy in the day friends!

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