Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a short and sweet post today to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Maybe you are gathering with your family today or maybe you are staying home and laying low – regardless, my wish for you is that you will find reasons to be grateful and thankful.

This year has been trying for us all and no doubt things are different this year. I’ve learned to take simple acts for granted and I look forward to the day when I can hug friends hello.

I hope that if you look around your table and don’t see some faces for reasons other than the virus – maybe a disagreement, hurt feelings, etc. – that you will take a moment and mend that relationship. Pick up the phone and let bygones be bygones. Apologize. Listen. Let love prevail. Swallow your pride and be the bigger person (again!).

Finally, a word about a proper apology. It should go something like this: “I am sorry things have been tense between us, I care about you and hope we can change things. Let’s move on. ” Please, avoid this type of misguided apology: “Sorry if your feelings were hurt, I’ve been going through a lot and what you said really pushed my buttons.” Yeah, avoid blaming the person while you are trying to apologize.

In the end, it’s not the food or the decor, heck it’s not even what you’re wearing that matters. It’s the people sitting around that table, those relationships that make all the difference.

Blessings, friends!


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