Grown Up Camo

Used to be that the only people wearing camo were those going hunting or fishing. I’m not sure how those same folks feel about camo going more mainstream but it most certainly has taken it’s seat at the fashion table!

You may be thinking camo is too young for anyone over the age of 30 but that’s certainly not true. Today I’ll show you ways to wear camo as a grown up. I’m going to ask you to think of camo as a neutral – just like leopard. Okay? All good? Here we go!

When you want to test the proverbial waters with something new, I say do it on the weekend when you’re not working. Give it a try in a fun and casual way. This pair of camo pants is actually the 2nd pair I’ve owned. I bought the first probably 5 years ago from Kohl’s but they were so low cut it really restricted the types of tops I could wear with them and I felt like I had to pull my pants up all the time! Amen to the end of the low rise jeans and hallelujah to the return of higher rises!

I love camo with hot pink! I couldn’t get enough of this Love sweater from Loft and just had to layer it with a very old striped shirt. Pink gingham would be fabulous too #nexttime. Not a fan of pink? Try another color. Repeat after me: camo is a neutral, camo is a neutral.

If you’re looking to go casual but not call quite so much attention to yourself wear the camo with like colors. Pull the olive or khaki color from the print and you’ll have a look that’s a little more conservative but still fun! Plus you won’t look like everyone else in jeans and a boring sweater this time of year! Try this fabulous tunic . It’s under $28 and you’ll wear it over and over again. I have it in 4 colors!

Ready to take it up a notch? My affinity for pink knows no bounds. I couldn’t part with my lovely pink bell sleeve blouse (similar, similar)! In fact I found my camo pants when I went to return it! The good news is that I have lots of ways to wear the blouse and I love it with these camo pants! Depending on your work environment you could wear this to the office, to church, out to dinner – you name it. Adding the heels dresses it up a bit. I say this is grown up camo!

Not quite ready to dive head first into the camo trend? Try accessorizing with it! My scarf (similar) is an easy way to incorporate the trend. Kind of testing the waters, ya know?

If it’s well received and you feel comfortable branch out! If not pants, maybe you’d like a tee. Try this one, this one, or this one in plus size. Give it a try and have fun! It’s fashion after all!

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