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Cutest Fall Graphic Tee

Graphic tees have taken the adult fashion scene by storm! I remember when it was just my kids wearing them but now they’ve become fairly mainstream. This is a trend I resisted for a while mostly because I HATE any attention drawn to my chest. But I have warmed up to the idea of wearing a cute and fun tee. This adorable picture at the Nashville Pumpkin Patch was the perfect place to wear these fabulous fall graphic tees gifted to us by Andrea.
I’m thrilled to share that Andrea contacted the Etsy shop and they are willing to offer readers a 20% discount if you use the code: PUMPKIN (p.s. act fast because the code expires on Sunday). The Etsy shop is called ShopatBash. So this is a great time to score not only the tee we have but maybe a few more from their collection!
#graphic tee over 50Here’s another one of my graphic tees. I shared this here. #graphicteeover50And of course I shared this on Monday.
How do you feel about graphic tees? Love ’em or leave ’em? I’m including some options for you, regardless of your size or age. My advice when it comes to a graphic tee? Have fun with them! Take a look at this one from Target that would be great for Halloween, and  of course this one is awesome! This one could be worn all year which is a bonus.  In plus sizes at Target I am over the moon in love with this one and this one     which is perfect year round!

Don’t forget our Fall Fashion Frenzy continues next week:#TBB Fall Fashion Link UP

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