Glad I Listened

Earlier this month I shared my troubles with my blue skirt here. A piece I really love but find difficult to style. Sure I’ve worn it a few times but not nearly as much as I thought I would considering I absolutely had to have it! Can you relate?

As a result of sharing my struggles in our Ageless Style post I received a bit of advice from Nancy. She said she wanted to see it styled with olive and brown. Hmmmm…I hadn’t even thought of that. Here’s the thing – when I’m reading my friends blogs I have no problem offering advice – some even say I’m bossy (ahem Mary). But I always do so with great intent so of course I knew Nancy was on to something. It also helps that I have a lot of respect for Nancy and her sense of style. In any case I’m glad I listened because I quite like the way it turned out!

Unfortunately I could not follow her advice immediately because I didn’t own an olive top. Say whaaaaat? I know, I’m appalled. Remedy the situation I did with this great olive tee! I’m wearing it in a small btw.While I didn’t wear brown like suggested I did wear my favorite wedges (now well under $40!). Also making an appearance my straw circle bag! I really like it and if it was just a smidge larger I’d be smitten. This would be a great option.I also added my hot pink necklace and colorful bracelets because I can’t quit pink. I know I could have easily kept it all neutral but what can I say? So now I have another way to wear the skirt I love but felt challenged to style. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. Have you tried olive and navy together? They work well together, great neutrals and you can add bright colors to put your own stamp on it!

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