Gingham Dress

When I think of gingham I think of warm weather and picnics, in fact in my mind it is the quintessential summer print! Not that I reserve my love of gingham for spring and summer only – my gingham button ups are a favorite in fall and winter under sweaters or jackets – heck even worn alone! Today I am sharing the cutest gingham dress and collaborating with my dear friend Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. She shared some of her favorite gingham pieces on Friday but she’s got something else in store for today so go visit her!

This dress caught my eye first because of the print and color but second because of the style. I think a wrap style is so flattering on every figure. Old Navy Blue and White Gingham Dress

The fabric is perfect for summer! I added a cami because it showed a little too much cleavage for my taste. There is a button however to keep it from gaping open so that may do the trick for some. Old Navy Blue and White Gingham Dress

I chose red accessories because with Memorial Day right around the corner I thought this dress was a great option. Of course any other color accessories would work and totally give a different vibe to this look.Old Navy Blue and White Gingham DressOld Navy Blue and White Gingham Dress

Old Navy has a great assortment of affordable gingham dresses!

I love their plus size options too!

So, do you find yourself wearing more gingham in spring and summer? It’s a print I am positively smitten with and evokes all kinds of good memories for me, how about you? Are there any patterns you are drawn to? I’d love to know! I’d also love it if you would go visit my dear friend Jess. She is incredibly elegant and beautiful with a heart of gold!

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Make this Monday marvelous my friends!

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