Gifts for the Practical Guy

Shopping for men is hard. Shopping for the practical guy is even harder. I consider myself an expert in this field because I have been married to the most practical guy for 23 years. Each time I read a gift guide for men from one of the many blogs I follow I know there’s no way my husband is going for any of those ideas. He rarely has a list of things he wants or needs because he has simple needs. The joke around here at Christmas or his birthday is since he can’t think of anything he wants then I’ll get the gift because after all he ALWAYS wants a happy wife! Are you searching for a gift for a practical guy?

My husband never sits still. Like never. While I am completely wrapped up in every movie on the Hallmark Channel he’s constantly working on a project. He doesn’t exercise so fitness apparel is out. He doesn’t use a watch, he likes his Iphone. Also?  Not a coffee drinker. No mugs or fancy coffee machines for my practical guy!

He’s no fashionista. He has his comfortable style but always looks presentable. Here’s the thing – when I married him 23 years ago we wrote our own vows. I vowed to accept him as he is and not try to change him. See? That’s what happens when you marry a mental health counselor, we throw stuff like that into the mix! But I honestly believe marriages fail because we try to make our spouse something they’re not. With that being said I fully accept that sometimes when we dress to go somewhere that it’s perfectly ok if I’m all glammed up and he isn’t. I don’t pick out his clothes because I AM NOT HIS MOTHER. I stopped picking out my own sons’ clothes when they were in elementary school. I am a true believer that you make your own choices and what my husband wears is not a reflection of me because, again, I AM NOT HIS MOTHER. We’re both happy this way! Of course if he asks I give my opinion but I trust him to be him, I love him for who he is. #rantover

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So without further adieu here’s what practical guys want. Practical guys like things that are well, practical, or useful. No surprise my husband was super excited when he found this Genesis Lithium-Ion 2 speed screwdriver. My sweet hubby was so excited about it he bought one for his brother too! Another item that brought equal excitement was this 3″colored power bit set. Actually I’m excited that it came in rainbow colors! Because he’s practical he found Season One of Outlander on Ebay. It was less expensive and he’s been dying to see this series.

On Thanksgiving morning I was up bright and early to check out the ads. When he woke up I proudly announced that he had been super busy while he was sleeping because he purchased the majority of my Christmas gifts! Oh was he ever happy and we laughed as we called him the master multi tasker! Once he settled down to take a look at the paper he found ONE THING he wanted: a Star Wars Last Jedi t-shirt from Wal-Mart. Sigh. The whole paper and that’s what he comes back with? Yes, absolutely.

This time every year is when my husband updates his wardrobe thanks to the Friends & Family Sale at Macy’s. My husband is a software engineer for FedEx and gets to wear jeans to work so basically we are buying pullover sweaters and long sleeve casual shirts.

I buy him cologne as well. We found one we both love and this enormous bottle lasts him the whole year.

I am surprising him with an O’Keefe’s skin care set. He has dry skin and when the humidity drops off he gets chapped hands and lips. I’m certain this gift will draw lots of excitement! #sonotkidding

So what’s on your list for your practical guy? Is your guy anything like mine? Have the best day my friends and happy shopping!

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