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Hello Friday you handsome devil, I’ve been waiting on you, for like, all week.  Do you join me in that sentiment?  I don’t think anyone would mind closing the books on this week.  Cheers to the weekend for us all; I hope each and every one of you goes out and does something wonderful and fulfilling.  If we’ve learned anything from the events of late it’s that life is fleeting and precious so go LIVE yours.

With Halloween right around the corner (although you may have to look past the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS in stores to realize Halloween has not past yet) it’s the perfect time to add a graphic tee to your wardrobe.  So go ahead and get graphic!  Whenever I come across graphic tees I can’t turn away – I LOVE reading them, most of them crack me up!  I’m just not always comfortable wearing one.  It may be just me but sometimes I feel silly like I’m trying to be young and fun.  I also don’t like calling attention to my chest and I work with kids.  Who see me outside of school.  Every dang time I’m out I run into someone.  Really!  Even on our cruise.  But I digress.  I want you to know that if you’re feeling like me about getting graphic let’s band together and embrace the trend!

I wore this to work on Thursday.  My skirt is one of the pieces I chose for the Common Threads Challenge. My statement necklace is super old as is my denim jacket. I wore my sneakers because it was a rainy day, originally I had planned on wearing my wedges.












I’ve recently added two to my wardrobe.  One I feel comfortable wearing anywhere and the other will be strictly for Halloween.  The first one I found while reading Jennie’s blog . I knew I had to have this tee!
I love the message and it’s perfect for this time of year!
The second tee I added is from Target, I love this one! Of course I will not be wearing it to work but I’ll wear the heck out of it at home and for Halloween night.
I’m sure you remember the one I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I still love this one, the message is the BEST.

Here’s my take on getting graphic with a tee. Grow the look up a bit, ya know, wear something other than jeans and sneakers with it. I like to add pearls or another statement necklace, heels, a skirt, a jacket – you get the idea, right? Graphic tees certainly have their place in a mature woman’s closet just be careful that the message displayed on your tee is indeed appropriate for the place and the people you’ll be seeing. I guarantee you if I wore one of the adorable tees that has “I’m here for the Boos” on it my school district would have my head. However, if you don’t have that type of concern than GO FOR IT! I think graphic tees are so much fun!
One more thing before I go – I recently added this to my wardrobe:

And I am loving it! I returned the one from the Anniversary Sale because as much as I liked it I wasn’t completely feeling it. So back it went which made way for this one! I think I have finally found the one I’m ready to commit to!
Okay friends, thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your kind comments and just the fact that you took a few minutes out of your day to visit my blog. I am humbled beyond words.
Make this and everyday a great one!


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