Friday Favorites October

The first full week of October has come and gone and 2020 continues to speed along. With the holidays right around the corner, and the promise of cooler weather, I am feeling quite giddy! That and the fact that in two weeks I’ll be waking up in Nashville!

Yep, we booked tickets to Nashville to take our oldest son apartment hunting. He is moving there in February to work for KPMG. Not only am I over the moon excited about his new adventure but I’m going to get to see this girl right here!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know she is one of my best friends, so that is definitely favorite #1 for me – the anticipation of getting to see Lisa!

The picture above is from our first trip to Nashville where we all met up (the Style Six ladies). Lisa and I share a passion for Nickel & Suede earrings and each year we do the buy one, give one deal. The earrings usually come in in just the right amount of time for our trip. This year we didn’t think it was going to happen but it is! I’ll share the earrings once I return from my trip. I also ordered the earring of the month – such a good deal at $22!

My Style Six sisters – I miss these girls like crazy!

Speaking of leather jewelry, LDWatkinsDesigns is having a sale this month. You can score 30% off your purchase with code OCT30. I love the leather earrings, leather cuffs, and colorful bracelets. I wore my hot pink earrings in my post on Wednesday.

hot pink top + camo
My hot pink earrings are from LDWatkins Designs!

Moving right along, October has me enjoying my coffee with an extra little kick of flavor. Normally I don’t use creamer but on the weekend I treat myself and these Nut Pods fall flavors are terrific! My first purchase was cinnamon roll but I’m anxious to try pumpkin spice and toasted marshmallow. This creamer is non-dairy and unsweetened. It’s made with almonds and coconut. Yum.

Double yum today as I share yet another delicious treat. Quest PB Cups are so good. Low in sugar and carbs but high in flavor these have become an afternoon treat I look forward to each day.

I rediscovered a favorite this week, my magnetic eye lashes. I don’t know why I stopped using them – they are easy to apply and remove and make a great impact. To apply all you do is swipe the magnetic eyeliner on your lid, wait one minute and bam – eyelashes you wish you were born with! To get the most natural and comfortable look, trim them just a but so they fit across your lash line. I forgot to do that last Friday when I wore them out and they drove me crazy!

I’ll see you back here on Monday, friends! I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. We have plans with my family Saturday night to rally around my brother before his big surgery on 10/21. My boys are both headed back to Gainesville this weekend so we’ll be empty nesters once again.

Take care and be well!

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