Friday Favorites May 15

Already the middle of the month, how can it be? As the days tick by here’s hoping we are all finding JOY each day. Today I bring you a random list of favorites or maybe a better name for them – joy bringers!

Andrea || Erika

It’s nice to get a surprise from Facebook from time to time. It brings me joy when they show me a picture like this one, Mother’s Day 7 years ago! Look at how little my boys were, they were 13 & 15. Of course my Sophie is making her way into the picture too. I was also reminded of how long I’ve had my mustard shoes. They are old but I still love them. If you haven’t considered mustard yellow a color you’d own or even a neutral, think again. It really is quite versatile! This picture was taken before we ventured out to Nordstrom at Florida Mall. The store closed a few months later much to my dismay!

Similar Shoe

Like everyone else, we are binge watching all the shows! It’s getting harder to find shows my husband and I both enjoy but this week we stumbled on Reckoning (Netflix). There’s only one season but I sure hope they come back for a season 2! Have you seen it?

I’ve yet to actually purchase a book to read this year and have been relying on Amazon first reads and free books offered on my Kindle. But reading does bring me joy! This week I finally finished this book. It took me awhile to get into it but I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I stuck it out!

There are many days I skip make up. Actually some weeks are better than others and this week I only wore it a few times but I digress. For a long time I’ve heard rave reviews about Tarte ShapeTape. When it went on sale for half price a few weeks ago I figured why not? I am thrilled to say I love it. Now it could bring me joy that my full on make up face looks so much better in contrast to my make up free one BUT I really love this concealer. It has great overage and you only need a little. The best part? It lasts all day!

Pretty, new clothes bring me joy too and break up the monotony sometimes. These two pieces are from Coco + Ash and I love them both! The Belle dress is perfect for so many occasions and the drapey lemon lime jacket is the perfect topper for shorts and a tank! You can shop all of the pretty pieces from Coco + Ash here but remember my code: KELLYANN40 to get 40% off and free shipping!

Lemon Lime Cardigan + Green Shorts
You can score 30% off of my necklace with code SHOPSMALL

Finally, in just a few short weeks it will be Memorial Day! Time to break out all the red, white, and blue! Old Navy has some great pieces and terrific sales. Check out these pieces, some of which may have been ordered by the author of this blog!

Well, that wraps my joy-bringers for this week. What’s been bringing you smiles lately? Cheers to the weekend, no matter what I can and can’t do I still enjoy a few days off, how about you? See ya back here on Monday and if you get a chance, please follow me on LiketoKnow.It, I am up to 51 followers! My goal is 100 but I know I can do it!

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