Friday Favorites May 14

TGIF! Today I am taking my mom for her post op follow up appointment and we’re hoping for a good report. She’s been with us all week and would like to get home and be independent. It is tough with just one hand but we’re working on it. This week has been a hectic one and I am grateful for the weekend ahead.

Favorite #1 Cute Cover Up

Cover Up || Denim || Wedges || Bracelet || Earrings || Necklace

Buying birthday gifts can be tough; My goal is to always give a gift that I’d like to own myself yet still appropriate for the recipient. Enter this cute cover up. I love that it buttons up the front and can be worn multiple ways. I ordered 3 to give as gifts and one for myself. Grab this – you will love it!

Favorite #2 A Million Little Things

Since my mom has been staying with us we started watching A Million Little Things on Hulu. We are hooked and burning through the episodes. I find the characters endearing and likeable (for the most part). Have you seen it?

Favorite #3 JCrew Factory Sale

I pretty much NEVER pay full price for anything. JCrew and JCrew Factory always have great styles in colors and cuts I love so when a sale rolls around I am drooling over the choices. Through May 15 you can save an extra 50% off clearance prices with the code SOSUNNY . Take a look at my favorites – most pieces are under $20 once the discount is applied!

That’s it for this week friends. This week has been a bit hectic and I apologize for not making the rounds to blogs like I normally do. Here’s hoping the weekend ahead is a good one with rest, relaxation, and happiness!

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