Friday Favorites March 19

Hello, Friday you handsome devil! What a week it’s been. No need to be long winded, let’s get right to it!

Can you believe, with a jump like that, I never made the cheerleading squad? Ha!!!!

As I mentioned last week I was headed out of town with my mom. She had an appointment in southwest Florida and one of her dearest friends lives in the area. As it happens so does one of mine! So off we went. I did a lot of driving but that’s okay, we had a good time and plan to go again. My mom’s friend is someone she’s known for over 50 years and we consider them family. Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bob (as we lovingly refer to them) were so helpful when my dad was sick and were a great comfort to our family when he died. Chrissy lives about 30 minutes from them so she and I had the perfect opportunity to get together!

I’m kicking myself for not grabbing a photo of all of us together. Chrissy came to pick me up and had the chance to come in and visit with my aunt, uncle, and mom. We decided the next time we visit we’ll have a ladies lunch and take my mom and aunt with us. Chrissy and I had a great time chatting up a storm and enjoy the beautiful weather. We had lunch and then strolled around downtown Venice. My goal is to visit every 2-3 months; I think these little trips are essential for us all!

Before I left for my trip on Monday I sat down to get my posts written for the week last Friday. I always try to do this for my Monday and Wednesday posts. Pictures were taken but when I sat down to upload them I ran into trouble. Long story short, the photos disappeared because the SD card became corrupted. Thank goodness for collages! If you missed it I shared my affordable skin care regimen on Monday and one of my favorite spring dresses on Wednesday.

We returned from our trip on Wednesday and I was exhausted! However, prior to my trip I had planned to go Live on Instagram with Kerotin Hair Care to discuss women’s mental health issues at 6pm on 3/17. It was a good event and I was glad to share my knowledge on the subject. I am also so happy to work with a company that cares about women’s issues. Wednesday also marked the day that their new hair thickening spray became available to the public for pre-order! I’ve been part of a group testing this product for months and I really like it. I feel like it has helped my hair to appear fuller and it styles so much better! You can pre-order it now and it will ship by 3/25. Check it out here. Use my code KELLYANN for 15% off.

I discovered a new app that removes things from photos! Super easy to use too. The cost was $1.99 but well worth it. I took this selfie in my son’s room and as you can see his bookshelf and chin up bar was in the background. The app is called Retouch – check it out!

At Target last week I found these tanning drops. I had been contemplating trying some in my moisturizer and these were affordable. I like them alot! Just a few drops added to your moisturizer and you wake up with color! There is no odor and they mix easily. Give them a try!

Tanning Drops

Last Friday I was thrilled to get to meet up with a friend for lunch. My friend Heather and I have known one another for quite awhile – we both worked for Weight Watchers (now called WW). Anyhow, we last got together the week before Covid lockdowns went into effect. It was great to get together and catch up!

Then on Friday night I found my picture on the Target website with my new favorite wedges! Here’s the thing, Target asks anyone who tags them in photos on social media if they can share your photo. I always say yes and never know what happens after that. This time I was taken completely by surprise when I was looking online at the shoes to see if they were still available in all sizes (I was working on my collage for Wednesday). It was a big surprise to see my selfie there! Ha!!! I sent it to my sons and told them I was a celebrity!

Have you ordered these wedges, yet?

P.S. You know how they call it 15 minutes of fame? Well, mine are up. There are new photos on the Target website now but it was fun while it lasted!

This weekend we have a neighborhood garage sale we are participating in and a birthday party for my niece on Saturday. Do you have any special plans to ring in the start of spring? Regardless of what is on your agenda make it a good one!

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