Friday Favorites March 12

Cheers for Friday and the weekend ahead! I am especially excited as it is the start of a long weekend for me. I am off until Wednesday and have plans to take a little road trip with my mom! I’ll have more on that later but for now, let’s get to this week’s favorites!

Favorite #1 Gibby’s Frillery Goodness

My love for this sweet woman owned and operated small business is BIG y’all! I just simply adore the skinny scarves as you well know but now the new head scarf has my heart! A head scarf is so chic and elegant and also something I have tried to wear for years. Having fine, thin hair and not much of it has created some obstacles on the path to my head scarf dreams. But Kim has created a scarf that is already tied and does not slip – no pins required!

I first saw it on Jodie (of course!) and knew if she endorsed it then it was good. But when I popped over to the website I only saw it in leopard – I wanted the pink like Jodie had (again, of course). I emailed Kim and while she wasn’t quite ready to launch the pink she sold me one! Now that is service and exactly why shopping small really pays!

Remember to use my code TBSB25 to save 25% off your first purchase (I am not making a dime off of these sales btw – I really want to support Kim!).

Favorite #2 Sheec Socks

It’s quite possible I should have titled this post – Ode to Jodie – because I have her to thank for this one too! I have made no secret of the fact that I have some wonky feet. Not kidding. My feet are kind of like a cross between Fred Flinstone and your great grandma – seriously.

Remember these feet?

It’s frustrating when I find comfortable shoes, wear them out and then half way through the day I end up with blisters or an area that has rubbed raw. I’ve had a heck of a time finding no show socks that stay put as well as the correct hosiery solutions that are durable. Enter Sheec Socks. Holy cow! They have a solution for every type of shoe and even a men’s line. They are affordable as well and I have a code for you to save 15% off! The code is KELLYANN and you can use it once!

I purchased a few pair on my own and was so impressed that I have now partnered with them (as an ambassador). Follow me on Instagram and you can see in my highlights a full review!

Favorite #3 Nashville has my heart!

You know our older son recently moved to Nashville to begin his career so Nashville definitely has at least a piece of my heart! When I saw this cute as can be graphic tee on Gigi’s boutique (not an affiliate link) I immediately hit “add to cart”. I love wearing pieces that are sentimental to me for a myriad of reasons – see my “Gainesville” necklace below. Gainesville is where UF is located (Nolan graduated from there and my younger son is still there). So, having something with Nashville on it seems fitting. Plus I got to support another small business!

Gainesville Necklace

Favorite #4 – Target SALE!

Hopefully you saw my post on Wednesday and you’ve already had time to shop the sale. If not, you still have some time. All the things I’ve been wearing and loving are on sale! I wore this on Tuesday, one of my favorite smocked tops with this wide woven belt and my new shoes. I have to say I really like the belt on this cute top. The belt is a good one – I bought it last year and I am so impressed with the quality. I think it’s a great addition to any wardrobe.

Smocked Top + Woven Belt + Wide Leg Pants + Cork Wedges
Top || Belt || Earrings || Similar Pants || Shoes

You might remember that I have this top in two of the three colors it comes in! The darker orange is a medium and I have the yellow in a small.

Smocked Top from Target
Another cute top that’s part of the sale!

Favorite #5 A Few Blog Improvements!

Well this one needs no linking because you can see it, can’t you? I have a new header and changed up some of the colors, it was definitely time! In April this blog will be 5 years old and I can hardly believe it. Thank you for being here and reading as well as interacting with me!

That wrap’s it up for this week’s favorites! As I mentioned earlier in this post, I am headed out of town with my mother next week. We are headed to the Sarasota area for an appointment she has and to stay with close family friends. I’ll be visiting with one of my blog besties on Tuesday! We’ll return home on Wednesday so while short, it will be sweet!

My hope for each and every one of you is a weekend filled with blessings and those things you need to feed your soul! Take care and make the most of these days!

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