Friday Favorites – Loft Sale!

Happy Friday friends and welcome to the blog post that almost didn’t happen. Until, I saw this sale! Seriously, 70% off one item and 50% off most everything else with free shipping at $25? Come to momma. That’s right, come to momma all you cute pieces I’ve had my eye on because at these prices I can barely stand to leave you in the warehouse.

Loft Black Jumpsuit
This is on sale for an incredibly low price!

You can shop the entire sale here . With code OMG you’ll get the discounts and the free shipping at $25!

Let me tell you why this post almost didn’t happen. I’ve been BUSY this week. I’ve been in an online training to become a Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer. It was supposed to be an in-person training but you know what happened there. Anyhow, yeah, today is my presentation and at the end we are told whether we passed or not. My hope is that by the end of today I am celebrating with a cocktail or two!

Of course since it’s Friday I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites!

Have a good weekend friends! We are meeting via Zoom to play games with our friends this weekend and I am looking forward to it. How about you? What are you planning to being some joy into your life? Do tell!


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