Friday Favorites June 3

The Friday Favorites is particularly special for me because June 3 is my birthday! Hello, 54, I am here for you! Actually because it’s kind of funny – I have caught myself thinking I was 54 already practically all year long. I guess that’s what happens at a certain age, the number is in fact just a number. And as cliche as it may sound, I am grateful for the privilege of aging and the chance to celebrate another trip around the sun.

How I’m Spending the Day

I took today off from work. This is not something I typically do but I decided why not? I have the time, I may as well take it and do something fun. The plan? Well, at the time of this writing, I plan on starting the day as per usual with my boot camp class. But then I’ll go shopping with one of my besties! I’ll cash in on all my birthday freebies and “special gifts” – you know the $10 birthday cash from xyz retailer. This just brings me all kinds of joy! Tonight we’ll head over to my mom’s for dinner and some cake.

I went to the mall on Monday and spotted this beauty at the Coach store. I decided to think about it but who knows? I may bring it home with me today! What do you think?

Friday Favorites

Enough about my birthday, let’s get to the hodge podge that is this week’s favorites! I’ve got some sweet family photos, a lip product, swimsuit, and two new blazers.

Favorite New Lip Product

I feel like I am always searching for the perfect long lasting lip color. To win that honor the product has to do what it says and last, can’t dry out or burn my lips, needs to be a good color, and as a bonus should be affordable. One of my very favorite YouTubers mentioned this one and gave it high ratings. I had to search a bit for it but found it at my local CVS. I’ve talked about it on Instagram but trust me – it’s good and I really like the shade I chose, Peachy. It’s a great neutral!

Maybelline Vinyl Ink Lipstick in Peachy

Favorite Family Photos

My birthday usually comes at the tail end of a very busy May. School wraps up for many, there’s Mother’s Day, and of course Memorial Day. I shared this post on Monday and included this photo of my favorite veteran. My heart is heavy of course as I remember birthdays past when my dad was alive. I especially think of the stories I heard about the day I was born. My dad was so excited, he had been out at sea when my older sister was born and didn’t get to see her until she was almost a year old!

Dad Navy Picture

My 6 year old niece wrapped up her kindergarten year and is so excited for 1st grade. To be quite honest, she told her dad she “just wanted to get all this stuff over with so she could go to college at UF” – hahahahaha!!! Bless her heart, she has a long way to go but I love her spunky spirit!

Gabriella 1st day of Kdg/ Last Day of Kdg
Her 1st day of school and her last day! They were allowed to wear whatever they wanted on the last day!

Favorite Swimsuit

I spent most of Sunday in my swimsuit and cover up. I know I’ve mentioned them before but they’re worth mentioning again. If you have yet to try this swimsuit, I implore you to do so. It offers great support and looks so good on every body type.

Almost even better than the swimsuit however, are these pieces from Target. The top and the pants are so comfortable and stylish. I wore them all day, long after I got out of the pool.

Favorite New Blazers

Yes, you read that right. Blazers. Plural. More than one. Listen, my blazer obsession started years ago – back in the 90’s. I just love how they single handedly pull an outfit together not to mention the polish they add. I recently added this pink linen blazer and on Wednesday found this white one. The white one also comes in a pretty coral color and it has matching shorts – I didn’t buy them.

Pink Linen Blazer + Distressed Denim Short + Heels

#outfitideas #blazer
Blazer || Shorts || Shoes

Thanks so much for stopping by today and visiting. I appreciate it so very much! I wish you a wonderful weekend and no matter what you’re doing, I hope it feeds your soul!

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