Friday Favorites Buh Bye August

August just seems like a blur to me – the crazy, busy days of work have left me with a feeling of whip lash. Where did the month go? Anyway, today I thought I’d share some highlights from the month that was – here’s hoping September holds great promises of returning to normal routines some how, some way.

The month started with a bang when I got to meet these beauties in person. I am so very lucky to live in a place where so many come to visit. If you don’t know who these ladies are you should totally check them out – like totally dude! Insert eye roll from my boys because I think I am so funny!

Melanie Rae Miller is the sweetest soul. She’s an elementary teacher in Nebraska and mom to the cutest little guy ever. Kelley McCoy is the influencer behind 50shadesofstylebykelley . She lives near me and we hope to get together again. Kelley has great style and taste!

This meeting came about totally last minute. I saw Melanie was in town on her IG and found out she was setting up dinner with Kelley. Their party of two became a party of 3! Here’s the takeaway, you know how when something important is coming up and you like to plan what you’re gonna wear, fix your hair and do your make up just so? Yeah, well I didn’t have time for any of that! This was planned the night before, my work day was INSANE and I was rushing out the door. My hair needed coloring like nobody’s business and I felt flustered. But I went anyway. I’m so glad I did. Work will be there, but opportunities to connect with people won’t. Lesson learned: live life and go for it!

Speaking of hair, yes, I finally got my roots done. I snapped this photo. I was Marco Polo’ing with Andrea almost the entire time. I looked scary but who cares, I was talking to my friend. You may have noticed my hair is getting darker. I have been having low lights done and slowly getting back to my natural color. Only so I can start getting highlights – ha! Here’s the thing, for the few years I wore a hair topper – the color was perfect. But my hair underneath was way too blonde. It looked brassy and just washed me out. So I used the opportunity that Covid presented to allow my hair to grow out and it did.

It has been nice to have my two boys home for this extended period of time. The little things like trips to Target will not be taken for granted. In March my oldest will move to Nashville to begin his career so these days are numbered.

Back in June I ordered a new mirror from Kirkland’s. It took two months to arrive but I love it. It’s perfect for selfies, stories, you know all the things a narcissist needs to feel complete – hahahahaha! It will eventually find a permanent spot in our home but for right now it’s taken up residence right inside the front door.

This mirror is fabulous and Kirkland’s has been having such great sales. I’ve been ordering online and having things shipped to the store. It’s been so easy and convenient – I call when I get there and they bring it out to my car. I ordered this on Sunday for my dining room. It’s kind of fun and funky! I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

Thanks for your help with deciding on which moto jacket to keep. Here’s the winner! I love this jacket – it’s not too long, it’s slim fitting – basically the Golidlock’s of moto jackets for me!

My final favorite for today is of the beauty variety. I purchased this primer and this foundation. So far so good – I am noticing my skin is less oily using the primer and the foundation is working so well on my skin. I have LARGE pores and oily skin. Lisa raved about the primer and since she’s always right. ALWAYS. I had to give it a shot. The real star of the show though is this creaseless concealer. This is the BEST concealer I have ever used. It really doesn’t crease and it really conceals.

So that’s it for this week. I hope your weekend is a good one and I’ll see you back here next week!

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