Friday Favorites – Back from Vacay!

I’m fresh off the plane from Nashville, TN and plan to slowly re-enter the reality called every day life. While I left a piece of my heart in Brentwood, he is coming home tonight! Yep, he had a few days he needed to use so he decided to fly home and spend a few days with my sister and her family at the beach next week. Anyhow, let’s get to this week’s favorites!

Favorite #1 My Madewell Transport Tote

I realized how much I love this tote last week getting ready for the trip. It holds so much and is the perfect size for sliding under the seat in front of you on the plane. It comfortably holds my laptop, magazines, book, and lots of other odds and ends. I use it as a purse and pack a crossbody in my suitcase.

Favorite #2 The Best Summer Dress

This Target dress is officially the best summer dress in my wardrobe. I wore it all day on Sunday and it was perfect for the day’s events. It’s the perfect length, the perfect weight, and is more comfortable than shorts and a tee. Good thing I own it in 3 other colors, lol!

Favorite #3 The Packing Cubes

Yes, the packing cubes have been a favorite before but are again. Each time I use them I am reminded of how much I enjoy them. They really save space and keep things organized. We were able to pack for 3 people and use only 2 suitcases. That’s a record for us and considering we were gone for 5 days!

Favorite #4 Family Time

I always enjoy having my sweet little family of 4 together but visiting our oldest in his new space was extra special. It’s nice to see him living his adult life and finding his way in a new state. I am so proud of him for forging ahead and making this place his own. My boy is a social creature and with Covid and working from home it’s been a challenge to make new friends and contacts so while that will take time and certainly presents some obstacles he is on his way!

Favorite #5 Time with Friends!

I was thrilled to get to see a long time friend of mine who recently relocated to Tennessee from Florida. Mary and I have a long history and this sweet, 91 years young friend of mine met me for lunch. I just love how God’s hand was so evident in all of this. Placing my son in Brentwood has allowed me to come visit not only him but Lisa, and now my friend Mary!

Of course seeing Lisa was a favorite!

What I wore! Here’s a look at what I wore on our trip (in addition to the black dress above). I did bring a few extra pieces but overall I packed well.

There is no place like home so while I am happy to be back, I thoroughly enjoyed Nashville and cannot wait to go back! Of course returning home and knowing full well I’ll be seeing my sweet boy helps tremendously. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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