Friday Favorites #99

Welcome to a new year of Friday Favorites! After a two week break from the blog I am happy to be back in the saddle. It’s been a busy week blog-wise with my Monday post, Tuesday’s Ageless Style, and Wednesday’s Style Six Link Up but I guess that’s the best way to come back from a break.

As usual, this list of favorites is all over the place, a hodge podge of things that have caught my eye or brought a smile to my face! My hope is they’ll do the same for you.

First up is this new wireless phone charger/holder combo. I have had a hard time finding a phone holder that would work in my car. Some clips to air vents and others have suction cups. Neither have worked for me for one reason or another. But this one does! It has a clamp you push down that helps it stay put on your windshield. I am also loving that the charger is wireless, I just simply place my phone and it automatically senses the phone, adjusts to hold it tight, and begins charging! It’s like magic!

I finally bought a new devotional for my morning quiet time. I have Heather to thank for it as she shared it on her Prime Purchases post this week. I got it on my Kindle and I am enjoying it! Although I don’t plan on spending any money on books this year I don’t mind buying a devotional or a reference book – something I’ll use over and over again, ya know? I like getting free books on my Kindle each month from my Prime membership and I don’t mind waiting on a book to come from the library. Not only do I save money but I honestly can’t stand clutter!

Sometimes I forget that what I share on weekly favorites doesn’t have to be new. When I think of the things I reach for and use on a daily basis, how could they not be among my favorites? I know my hair often covers my earrings but most days I am wearing a pair from Nickel & Suede. My very favorites are these cork earrings. They go with everything and they are lightweight. Unlike less expensive earrings they do not catch on my hair or get stuck in a weird bent position. I hope that makes sense!

Nickel & Suede cork earrings + Gold Coin Necklace

Two of my favorite accessories!

One of my favorite purchases in December was this necklace. I love the Y shape and the gold coin. The length is adjustable and it looks great work casually or dressed up!Print Pants & Pink Sweater

Original Post

My final favorite this week is one that seems a little self serving but I can explain! My sweet friend Shelbee often does an “Inspired By” post and last week she shared a look inspired by me. Let me be clear that it’s not my favorite because she referenced me or shared my look – it’s my favorite because Shelbee wrote the kindest things about me. It made me realize that this “virtual friend” of mine may know me better than some of my real life friends – not to throw shade on anyone but online relationships are different. We share our thoughts and feelings with no interruptions while we talk back and forth through comments. Shelbee has a heart of gold and spreads so much joy and positivity – it’s an honor to know her.P.S. the windowpane pants are still available and would be perfect through spring!

Speaking of blogger friends, my friend Amy kicked off a Wear Every THING til Spring Challenge. You can read about it here.  It’s a great way to breathe new life into your existing closet and make some decisions about those pieces that are eating up precious space! Tired of looking into the closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear? Try the challenge!

That wraps it up for this first full week of January, 2020. I thank you for stopping by and for your support – it means so much to me!

As usual I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend friends, I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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