Friday Favorites #89 – I’m Baaaaack!!!!!

Hello friends, I am back from my trip and so thrilled to share this edition of Friday Favorites! Of course I’m linking up with Narci and friends today!Friday Favorites

While I do plan to do a post (or two) on my trip I thought that today I’d share a few of my travel favorites. Things that I was so glad I had with me because they made such a difference!

My first favorite is my Madewell Transport Tote. I swear this bag gets better and better with time. It’s sturdy and literally holds EVERYTHING. It fit perfectly under my seat on the plane and never let me down. I should also mention that it got wet more than a few times but dried perfectly and is better than new. This bag is totally worth the investment!


My tote and my sneakers!

Cliffs of Moher

Oh hey, that’s just me hanging out at the Cliffs of Moher!


My Nike sneakers did not disappoint. In fact this was the very first time I’ve been on vacation and did not experience any foot pain or blisters! I bought them specifically for the trip and I am so glad I did. I wore them every day and only wore my booties a handful of times out to dinner. Best decision!

As you can tell from the pictures, my raincoat was a favorite as well! It was a gift some years ago and I have rarely had the chance to wear it here. Of course it rains in FL but it’s rarely cold and rainy so this coat would be too heavy. On our trip I had it with me every day and layered it over all of my jackets.

Of course my jewelry bag and make up bag were superstars as well.  I didn’t wear nearly as much jewelry as I had planned because most of the time I was so bundled up and wore scarves but it was nice to have everything organized neatly! I think my favorite feature of the make up bag is that the dividers are removable. While I keep them in for my day to day use when I travel I pull them out. I can fit so much in that bag and it packs nicely right alongside my packing cubes!

You might be surprised to know that I actually did very little shopping on this trip! I did buy a few things – very few actually for myself. While you’ll see them soon I wanted to share one of my very favorites! I bought this lace duster in London at Camden Market. I absolutely adore it and have been looking for something similar for years. The best part is that I wore it just yesterday – it’s still so hot here in Orlando but this lightweight lace duster is perfect with jeans and a cami, don’t you think?Lace Duster + Distressed Denim

Similar Denim || Plus Size Option|| Cami || Plus Size Option

Lace Duster + Distressed Denim

Similar Denim || Plus Size Option|| Cami || Plus Size Option

Since my exact duster is not available I’ve found a few similar options for you:

That wraps it up for today – I am still trying to adjust to my non-vacationing life and y’all the struggle is real! I am hoping to catch up on some sleep this weekend and clean my house. It’s amazing how dusty things get when no one’s home for a few weeks! I cannot wait to share all of my 5 million photos with you – just kidding, I promise not to overdo it but we sure did visit some wonderful places!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!




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