Friday Favorites #84 – Empty Nest Edition

Two weeks in a row with a theme? Sometimes I really impress myself! Friday Favorites are usually based on the things I am loving and while saying goodbye to both of my boys as they head off to school is most definitely not a favorite thing I have found some ways to embrace the empty nest that is our new reality!
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I feel like when the kids are younger life is more of a “Divide and Conquer” game. One of you is running with one kid in one direction and the other in another. But once they leave for school the new theme is “Come Together & Prosper” – right? Now it’s time to re-connect and enjoy one another!

As hard as it is to watch your kids leave, it’s also very rewarding and exciting! My boys are both incredible young men and I love them to pieces. I am proud of their academic achievements and excited for what this year will bring them. This is the first time they’ll be joined by their cousins and it’s nice to have family close by! In fact my younger son shares an apartment with two of his cousins while my older son lives in the same complex but with the roommates he’s had for 3 years. They indulged me with this “First Night of School” picture! Their schedules were all so different they could only get a picture at the end of the day!College Boys


Every night is date night. On Monday my husband and I went to Bingo Night at our favorite local Italian restaurant. Ever Monday they have game night and they alternate bingo and trivia nights. We’ve decided to go each Monday night.That’s one of the perks of the empty nest – date night is every night!Husband and Wife


We had a blast at Bingo!

Brian and Kellyann

My husband insisted we snap this selfie – he said he takes one at every concert!

Wednesday night I joined my husband to see a special movie:  Rush Cinema Strangiato. It was one night only showing and Rush is his very favorite band of all time. Now this is not my favorite band but if it’s important to my husband it’s important to me – plus? He was going to go alone! I could not allow that! We had a good time and I really enjoyed learning more about Rush. It was really like being at a concert and the music was really good!

So my favorites from this week: my kids and knowing they are happy and in the right place, time to focus on my relationship with my husband – every night is date night, and doing something with my husband that was important to him – it showed him he matters to me and that I want to know more about what is important to him.
Friday Favorites

In case you missed any of my posts this week here’s a wrap up!

My weekend plans? Other than watching some football on Saturday night football #gogators not too much. Our church changed the time of the Saturday night service and we might try it out, it’s at 5pm. I am looking forward to relaxing, how about you?

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