Friday Favorites #56 – So Blessed!

Friday Favorites
Gosh that graphic makes me feel so fancy! Happy Friday friends and cheers to the weekend ahead. It’s been a week of blessings here and I am happy to share them with you!

Favorite # 1 – A minivan driving momma I am no longer! Meet my new ride! Lexus
I knew I’d be getting a new car this year and we had a plan kind of mapped out about test driving lots of cars, yada, yada, yada. On the way to the dealership my husband even told me “we are NOT talking numbers today, that takes a long time and we have things to do.” So of course we ended up at the first dealership and bought the first car we test drove! Ha!!! It was perfection and too good to be true.Lexus
It truly was a blessing – just the way all of the pieces fell into place. The day before our oldest son had to have our 2003 Honda Pilot (it’s in Gainesville with my boys) because it needed a new starter. The salesman we worked with (loved him btw) was actually off that day and just stopped in. The car we bought had just been released to be sold a few days prior – it was a dealership car used as a courtesy car while your car is being serviced. It’s a 2018 Lexus ES 350 with 12,000 miles! On Monday we found out our 2003 Honda Pilot actually needed $3,000 worth of work. We had planned on selling it anyway because we only need 3 cars not 4. Guess what? One of the service technicians at Honda bought our Pilot from us!
The way this all fell together, piece by piece is such a testimony to God’s perfect timing and for that I am grateful. So, yes, after 20 years and 2 minivans I am officially done with that business! Well, we did keep the van, my husband will be driving it and we are giving our kids the 2014 CRV. I can’t say I’ll never drive that Odyssey again!

Favorite #2 My dad’s birthday was Wednesday, he turned 77! Huge victory for us as we were told in September we’d be lucky to have the holidays. He’s been on Hospice since then. I feel so very blessed to still have him here. I took him for a ride in my new ride on Tuesday, he was thrilled to get out!

Favorite #3 We’ve been moving some rooms around and got new couches in our family room. My sister stopped by to help me with furniture arrangement, she’s an Interior Designer btw. Within 30 minutes I had an action plan of what I needed to do, buy, paint and we moved furniture around. My head was spinning by the time she left but I am in awe of that kind of talent! Anyway, as a result I am adding blush pink accents to my family room (it was too hard and cold). I stopped at Burlington the other day and grabbed a few items. Priced so reasonably I couldn’t leave them behind. My favorite is this vase of peonies. I love it next to my favorite candle (Mahogany Teakwood) from Bath & Body Works in this glam little holder.I feel spoiled and giddy when I look at it! I am blessed to have a sister with that kind of talent!Candle

Pink Home Accessories

Favorite #4 I spent Saturday morning with one of my besties to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday. We had to celebrate early as she is headed to NEW ZEALAND for 3 weeks to usher in this new decade. We shopped and had lunch. I am blessed by her friendship.Friends

Favorite #5 I have been doing some shopping lately and I’ve actually come away with some things I really like. I spent absolutely nothing at Ulta thanks to my coupon and some of my rewards points but look what I got!MAC Eyeshadow PaletteThis MAC Eyeshadow Palette is only available online. It has 15 neutral colors and is on sale for $39! Such a steal for MAC Eyeshadow. To keep that eyshadow in place I bought this eyeshadow primer. Milani is an inexpensive brand but their lip products have gotten rave reviews. I figured I’d give this lip liner in Spice and their Ultra Last Instant Color Lipstick in the color New- D Seduction (what a weird name). I feel like it’s the perfect neutral pinkish nude combo! Getting great products without spending a penny? Definitely a blessing!
Have a wonderful weekend friends, I hope you feel blessed! And listen, not every day is a great one, I have had a few doozies this week but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I’ll see you back here next week!

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