Friday Favorites #52

Sing the lyrics, you know you want to!

Do you feel like that? Friday just can’t come soon enough sometimes. The funny thing is that it’s really just a state of mind, isn’t it? This week I got back into my usual routine as work started again. If you didn’t already know, I work from home so that meant I had to log on – I know, big deal, right? But it also meant my return to 4am wake ups in order to hit the gym.

Part of me is hoping with the first week of 2019 under my belt that things will only get better. My family and I have faced a myriad of “issues” since 2019 began. If I was a superstitious kind of girl I’d swear the universe was sending me a message. Instead I’ve chosen to chuckle my way through these annoyances and say bring it on! Are you wondering if I’ll ever get to the actual favorites part? I’ve decided to break this week’s favorites into JOY, FAITH, PEACE, GRACE, LOVE, and HOPE.

Where does JOY come from? This week I experience joy in so many places, some unexpected and others just a total surprise. For example, yesterday my sweet blogging friend Shelbee surprised me when I read this post. I hope you’ll check it out, if you don’t already know her trust me, Shelbee is someone you want to know!Shelbee

Another favorite for me this week was the FAITH that came out of such a horrible situation. The tragic death of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes is absolutely heartbreaking. But seeing Shaq pay for her funeral and hearing her parents speak was amazing and awe inspiring. Such a great display of faith, it touched my heart. Not familiar with this tragic story? Read here.

PEACE was restored in my home this week as all the things that went so wrong over the last few weeks were addressed. I’m talking a broken washing machine, issues with our internet, electrical problems, a broken mirror, my website crashing, and of course an email subscriber issue on the blog. If a sweet reader had not emailed me to let me know on Tuesday night that she hadn’t gotten an email about my posts in almost a week I would have never known that there was a problem. To make a long story short, if you had been subscribing by email to my blog you may need to sign up again.

I have granted myself some GRACE this week and that has been a favorite because it’s not something I always do so easily. For example on Wednesday morning I turned off my alarm and allowed myself to miss a work out. I know the majority of us are trying to lose weight we put on over the holidays but granting yourself some grace every now and then will help you get there. I’m also granting myself some grace for being forgetful! Last week I referenced a Curry Dressing and didn’t include the recipe! Here it is: #Curry Dressing

The LOVE I have for my father is of course a favorite and I have shared so much about him in the last few months. I so appreciate your support and prayers. On Saturday night before my boys left to go back to school we had dinner at my parents’ house. I snapped this picture of my dad and my sons. Just three men sitting on the couch, looking at their phones, but so much LOVE. Don’t let Nolan fool you, he saw me and put his phone down!

Where would I be without HOPE? It’s a favorite of mine because it’s what I reach for when I face tough times. How about you?

It was a busy week on the blog for sure. ICYMI I published 4 posts this week. On Sunday I talked about white booties, on Monday it was all about Entertainment with TBB Asks, Tuesday was my monthly Ageless Style link up here, and on Wednesday my Blended Blog friends and I shared Winter Wear.

Now before I sign off for the weekend let me share a great deal with you! Jane is an online boutique featuring all kinds of great deals. I’ve gotten leather earrings, phone cords for my sons, a pet cover for my loveseat, just to name a few of the deals I’ve scored.  If you are thinking you might want a utility vest, they have a great deal going on right now and it includes free shipping! Get it here for more than 50% off the regular price!Utility Vest

I have been trying to be more active on Instagram. I shared this look on Tuesday after my husband and I went out for tacos! Boy that mirror is dusty!

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