Friday Favorites #46

Today is an exceptionally good Friday because Florida finally got the memo that it’s fall! Yay!!! Our expected high is only about 70 degrees and I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow we head to Gainesville for the game #gogators and then we bring our youngest son home. On Tuesday our oldest finishes classes so this time next week my nest will be full!

Here are my favorites from this week, as usual they’re all over the place but so is my thinking. Remember to link up with The Blended Blog to share your favorite posts from the week!

Friday Favorites #1 – Any time I can meet up in person with a blogging friend in real life is a good time. Kim of Fierce Fashion and I got together for dinner on Tuesday night. She brought her camera so before any food was consumed we shot pictures!
Friday Favorites #2 – This is my 5th post this week, normally I like to do 3 posts a week but some weeks are busier than others and this was one of them. I introduced you to my pleggings and then showed them again on Wednesday. So no surprise that my new pleggings are a favorite. I made up the name but they are actually called ponte knit pants and they are good!
Friday Favorite #3 – With the chill in the air I am excited about the possibility of wearing this sweater. It is cozy and beautiful!
Friday Favorites #4 – Have you seen Homecoming with Julia Roberts yet? It’s on Amazon. I watched the first season on Saturday. Yes, the whole season (about 5 hours worth) on Saturday. I couldn’t stop (how do you think I got so many posts done?). Watch it – so good! #homecoming

Friday Favorites #5 I am thankful. Thankful to each and every one of you who stops by here. Thankful for your kind words, your sweet gestures, and most of all your well wishes and your prayers. It looks like we are going to enjoy this Thanksgiving with my dad and I am over the moon happy about that. I hope you enjoy this season of your life regardless of what you’re doing. Thanksgiving isn’t really about what’s on the table or how cute the table is – it’s really about whose around the table!
I’ll see you back here next week friends!#FeatureFriday

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