Friday Favorites #45

I can’t be the only person who has had a hard time adjusting to the time change, can I? Does anyone else feel anxious in the mornings when the sun is coming up earlier? I feel like I’m late! Then at night as it gets darker earlier I am ready for bed and it’s too early! One celebration – I changed the clock in my car almost immediately, normally it takes about a week for me to do that!

Favorite #1 You are probably tired of seeing my floral pants but they really are a favorite! Have you worn Old Navy Pixie Pants yet?#floralpantswhiteblouse

Favorite #2 It’s definitely a favorite if I order it in another color and that’s what happened with this blouse from Amazon. The shorter bell sleeve and the fact that it’s not tunic length make it a great blouse for lots of occasions. It is currently on it’s way to me in blush!

Favorite #3 I placed an Old Navy order last week and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Wanna know what I ended up getting? Well, one thing was this metallic fair isle sweater. It seems a necessity to own a fair isle sweater. I had one but after a few years it pilled so it was time to replace it. Here are the other items I purchased:

Favorite #4 I LOVE to read and purchased this book about a month ago. I have finally had time to get into it – started kinda slow but now I can’t put it down!

Favorite #5 A few months ago I bought this organizer to use in my tote bags and larger purses – it is a major game changer and would make a fantastic present!

That’s a wrap peeps! It’s been a week for sure and I am looking forward to the weekend. Today I am headed to the Orlando Science Center for a field trip with our virtual school and I can hardly wait! It will be a fun day with our students and their families! What are your plans?
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