Friday Favorites #44

As cliche as it may sound I can hardly believe it in November! My hope is that this Friday finds you well and ready to tackle a marvelous weekend. I hope your worries are small and your joys are big! Here are my faves for the week:

Favorite # 1 – No surprise I love a good sale, and no surprise I love Old Navy. When the two are combined that has to be a favorite! This weekend cardholders get 50% off regular priced merchandise! These three pieces are currently on my radar and will hopefully be on their way to me soon:

#2 I continue to strive for ways to enjoy the gift of my father’s terminal illness and the precious little time we’ve been given. At the urging of my best friend Melodie I ordered these for my nieces, nephews, and my mom. My dad can record a 30 second message to each one – priceless! p.s. we don’t plan on putting these in stuffed animals.

#3 Awhile ago I won a giveaway on one of the nicest and most beautiful bloggers I am honored to know. My sweet friend Daenel is an avid photographer and she hosted a giveaway for a free canvas from Canvas on the Cheap. I was the lucky winner! My canvas arrived this week and I am smitten! Visit Daenel – she just has this way of making you feel like you’re talking to her and enjoying a cup of coffee plus she has the most killer cheek bones!

Family Photo

This is the actual 11×14 canvas. All I need now is a place to hang it!

#4 This picture from 2 years ago came up on my Facebook feed. It’s hard for me to believe this was 2 years ago. So much has changed and when I think of my dad this is the guy I see.Nolan and Grandparents

#5 This may sound weird but I sure do love it when a friend takes my advice and it works out. This week my blogging friend Leslie shared a post about stepping out of her comfort zone. When I started reading I had no idea I would play a part in the post! Check it out here! Friends who put up with my bossiness are always a favorite, lol!

Bonus – My new nail polish I mentioned here is still a favorite. A reader asked to see it on my nails, so here ya go!#sallyhansengelnails
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Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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