Friday Favorites #4

Wowzers, we are wrapping up January already.  Time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?  I hope this day finds you happy and well and if not I hope you can do something to find joy.

My favorites for this week in no special order are of course all over the place because that’s how I roll!

First up, on Wednesday I shared two ways I wore a graphic tee last weekend here. While I’ve always enjoyed reading graphic tees when other people were wearing them I didn’t always feel comfortable wearing one myself. I’m seeing more and more with such positive messages that I need to show a little restraint before I buy them all! Seriously, check out this one in plus size and this one in black. I have it in white and love the positive message!

My second favorite comes in the form of my desk calendar! Once I knew I would be working from home I set my sights on finding something that would not only motivate me but crack me up a little too. I settled on You Are A Badass because I knew I’d have to step way outside my comfort zone to adjust to this new job. What I have found has been more than I could hope for; each day is inspirational and there are fun puzzles and jokes too! Shop You Are a Badass 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar“.
Check out what was waiting for me on Wednesday:

Third, one of the reasons I love reading blogs is for inspiration. Particularly when it comes to getting dressed. Last Friday I had to take Collin to get his wisdom teeth cut out and after reading my sweet friend Andrea’s post here I knew exactly what to wear! I learned a long time ago that even if I had to show up somewhere early I still WANTED (not needed) to look put together to feel my best. So here’s what I wore to Collin’s surgical appointment and then came home and worked in the rest of the day:

If you haven’t jumped on the mixing-brown-and-black bandwagon yet you’re missing out! The two play well together, especially when you have something like leopard to add in to the mix.

My #4 favorite this week is my new Adidas Gazelle sneakers I bought for Christmas. Not only are they super comfy and stylish but they’re PINK! They run large so you’ll need to order a whole size down. They make me smile!

My #5 favorite this week is my new sweater! Last weekend I went to return my OTS sweater and found this one instead. Darn it all, Loft just had to have 50% off everything the day I went in so you know I left with a bag. Here’s the deal though, this sweater is lightweight and my favorite color. It’s also great for Valentine’s Day. Check out how I wore it on Wednesday when it was cold (okay 60 degrees but that’s freezing here!).

Thanks for stopping by today, I LOVE that you are here and reading comments and responding is definitely one of my favorites! If you haven’t already, please sign up to follow me by email so you never miss a post! Make this weekend wonderful!


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