Friday Favorites #22

Happy June my friends! I promise not to wax too much nostalgia today but I could go on and on. Collin has officially graduated, Nolan was home for a long weekend, and in two days I turn 50. I am not at all bothered by turning 50 but there is something about a number that big and grown up sounding. More on that later. Let’s just jump right in because as you well know these posts are all over the place!

Favorite #1 was having my family all at home for a few days. When the boys were younger I never thought about these days. That’s a good thing I think because focusing too much on the future impedes enjoyment of today. Nolan was not able to be at Collin’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday night but he made it home Thursday night for the long weekend. Honestly even when he’s “home” he’s not always “home” – he’s out with his best friend, his cousin. Collin’s been doing his fair share of being out too. When I looked at my phone and saw that everyone was truly under one roof, safe and sound my heart was happy! I use the Life360 app – the boys call it my stalker app and I am just fine with that!

Favorite #2 last week I shared my concern (ok, panic) about the weather for Collin’s party. I am pleased to say that we had fabulous weather and the party that was scheduled from 4-7 actually ended at 1am. We had one issue when the food I ordered for 75 people didn’t really have enough meat. No worries, I sent Nolan to Publix to buy rotisserie chickens and my best friend Melodie sprang into action. As soon as he arrived home she shredded the chicken like a boss! I should mention that at that point we had close to 70 people here, it was hot and humid, and the kitchen was full of people. I am so grateful to her! Everyone needs a friend like Melodie and I am blessed by having her in my life! I also called one of my other besties, my friend Angie to bring over the left over meat she had from her party the night before. Also? Seeing my son truly enjoy himself with his friends made my heart so happy! They swam, played ping pong, football, and corn hole – never a full moment!

Favorite #3 I finally got around to trying the dress I wore a few months ago here with my cowboy boots again. This time with a slow slung belt. You might remember I wasn’t crazy about the shape of the dress the first time once I saw the photos. I like the way the belt looks with it!
Here are some cute dress options since mine is long gone!

Favorite #4 is closing the book on my 40’s! It’s been a fun decade for me with lots of changes and am happy with where I am in my life right now. Actually I always have been happy with my life but there’s a lot of chatter about dreading getting older and I just don’t partake in that foolishness. Without sounding like too much of a downer I will say that at 50 I realize that my life is probably more than half over. Of course I could live in to my 100’s but really? So this sobering fact has made me realize I need to get doing all the things I haven’t even thought about. It’s time to start thinking about them! May sound cliche but that’s where I’m at.

So, how will I spend my 50th birthday on Sunday? Who knows. I plan to go to Starbuck’s and get my free drink #goals and on Saturday I’ll pick up my free bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes because they are delicious!
Since it’s the first Sunday of the month it will be time for another edition of Sunday Showcase with my friends Ada and Chrissy! Next week I’m going shopping with my friend Windy and I plan on cashing in all my birthday love from the retailers I frequent. Isn’t that the best? “Hey, it’s your birthday! Here’s $10 to spend!” I love it!

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