Friday Favorites #21

Well here we are on Friday, the beginning of a long weekend for most of us as well as a welcome sight! These last few weeks have been a blur of graduation parties and preparations. On top of that it has been raining pretty much non-stop for almost 2 weeks! As much as I know we need the rain it has really put a damper on our plans. Ever the optimist I plan to forge ahead and make the best of the situation. Here we go with this week’s favorites!

Favorite #1 – I warned you that graduation would be a part of today’s list! We were blessed with good weather thank goodness! The ceremony itself was less than 90 minutes – LOVED that!! While we are super proud of our boy the night was not without it’s issues and far from perfect. I’ll spare you all the craziness but I will say this – Collin wore Nolan’s tassel from 2016 because HE LOST his!!! He also wore Nolan’s gown from 2 years ago because his was a wrinkled mess. This was after I ironed it a few weeks ago when he wore it to the Senior parade at our elementary school. I can’t even tell you how many times I asked him over the last week to get everything laid out and let me know what needed to be ironed. In his defense he saw nothing wrong with the wrinkled mess of a gown. So please, know that if I give you the impression my boy has it all together he does not nor do I. But we had a great night and thanks to my quick thinking he had a tassel. It’s virtually undetectable that it says 2016 and not 2018!

Favorite #2 – It occurred to me last week that I use my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for all kinds of jobs and it never fails. Have you used one yet? I seriously think there’s nothing this baby can’t do. Oh, wait, it can’t erase weight gain so there’s that. Aside from that little nugget though the Magic Eraser is worth it’s weight in gold!

Favorite #3 – Have y’all used Marco Polo yet? It’s like Snapchat but better because you can talk for a sweet forever continuously! Lisa and I use it all day long and it’s a lot of fun. I need to get my mom using it next. She sends super long text messages and it will save us both time if she can just talk! It’s a great way to stay in touch and I love that when one of my friends is “talking” to me I get an alert! Very cool.

Favorite #4 Target has Universal Threads tees and tanks on sale for $5 this week. Let me tell you how great these tees are: they are great – there I said it. No, really, the quality is outstanding! I love the v-neck with the pocket. I bought one in olive in the store the other day because it was the only one in my size (I wear a small in these btw). I’m headed online to pick up a few more and a few tanks too!

Favorite #5 Target does it again! This time I have to brag on their shave gel. It smells like almonds and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. Every time I use it I feel like I’m smelling freshly baked almond cookies – it’s so good and the price can’t be beat!

This weekend we have more parties to attend and our own to host on Sunday. The forecast calls for thunderstorms – 70% chance – ugh. I have roughly 60-70 people coming and guess where they’ll all be? In my house. You’ll know what happened to me if you never hear from me again, lol! Have the best weekend and remember on Monday to thank a vet, I love when I read, “the land of the free because of the brave” – let’s not take for granted the tremendous sacrifice our veterans have made!

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