Friday Favorites #18 and Link Up

Cheers to a fabulous Friday and my friend Ada’s birthday! In honor of her special day she has organized a special link up! Before we get to that excitement let’s get to my Friday Favorites for week number 18 of 2018!

1. My very favorite thing this week is that our sweet college boy is home! Nolan came home Wednesday night. He’ll only be here for a week before taking a trip with my parents and then heading back to school but I am over the moon happy he is here now. Of course he has requested his favorite dinner of all time, my sweet friend Andrea’s Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken. I don’t even have to ask, it is always my family’s most requested meal. A few weeks ago I bought Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken and while it was good, it was no substitute for the real deal!

2. Speaking of my sweet friend Andrea over at Living on Cloud Nine, she announced on Monday that she’d like to move forward with publishing a cookbook. Seriously I will buy the very first copy! This woman needs to get published already! I am constantly visiting her blog to get recipes and they NEVER disappoint. If you have any advice on how she can go about getting published please let her know here. I told her last year she needed a cookbook called “Dine with Nine” because I’m so bossy and I am THRILLED she is going to do it. Seeing people I love and care about pursuing their passions is definitely one of my favorites!

3.Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and since Collin has prom we are celebrating Cuatro de Mayo at Casa de Rohr.  Last year I used my friend Shelly’s Cinco de Mayo menu and it was a huge hit! I am making it all again tonight. If I’m not making something from Andrea you can bet I’m making something from Shelly! Check her out!

4. ICYMI on Tuesday I shared a hard to style piece from my wardrobe here as part of our monthly Ageless Style Link up. I am happy to report I have renewed interest in my skirt and wore it to church and our weekly movie date on Sunday. Take a look: And thank you friends for all the suggestions on how to style it in the future! I made some notes and will definitely be trying out a few of them!

5.Well I know you have been wondering what I ordered from the sale at Target I mentioned here. They arrived on Wednesday and I couldn’t be any happier! I ordered this one in a size small and this one in a medium (because small was not available). I love them both! There’s still time to take advantage of BOGO 50% off all Universal Threads tops and A New Day tops!

Now let’s celebrate! Here’s what Ada had to say:

“Every year that I have been blogging, since I became a mom, I thought it would be fun to have a Blog Birthday Party on my blog, including other fashionistas and blogging friends. It started in 2013 and this is the 6th year of this fun birthday tradition. When I first started it in 2013 as a beginner, I invited my closest 5-6 blogging buddies who came to visit, read and comment my blog on a daily basis. Over the last 3 years this fun party has grown and it has become a two-day celebration. This year I am joined by another 20 fashionistas who I am lucky to call my friends and who are all super stylish to boots. A lot of these ladies have been celebrating my birthday with me on the blog other years too and I am very glad and flattered to see them return. Thank you beauties for making this tradition super fun, joyful and fashionable once again! Cheers with a Pinot Noir! Here is to another year of getting older and hopefully wiser!!”

For Ada’s special occasion I chose to wear this fun red dress! To me it just says “Celebrate!” I purchased it right after Christmas at Urban Outfitters on the clearance rack for $20. Such a great find!

I wore my favorite wedges in natural along with my go to necklace (similar for $20). Seriously this dress didn’t need much accessorizing, I think the ruffle detail, the bare shoulders, and the fact that it’s red is plenty!

Shop stunning red dresses here:

Since Ada has more stamina than the Energizer Bunny, we are hosting our 3rd Sunday Showcase Link Up so don’t forget to link up with us for that as well! Seriously I am not sure how Ada finds the time to do all the things she does! Happy Birthday Ada!


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