Friday Favorites #107

What a week! Where to even begin I ask myself. The Coronavirus is now a global pandemic and the ramifications are so far reaching.  I felt the impact at work this week. Working for a virtual school means students are coming to us in droves and that means lots of phone calls, emails, etc.  In fact I almost decided to not post today but then I thought better. I believe in taking precautions, I believe in taking this pandemic seriously (please stop saying more people die from the flu every year), and I am going to do my part by practicing the precautions to help fight the spread.  While doing those things I am also living my life. So, that said, here are my favorites this week!

My favorite thing (always) is to celebrate the good in life! My sweet niece turned 4 this week and on Saturday she is having a princess party with friends to celebrate. I love her sweet smile, her innocence, and pure joy for the fun things in life like birthday cake! We FaceTimed with her the other night and she could not stop eating the icing on her cake, it was precious!

Good things coming this year would also include our oldest son’s college graduation in December.  We received samples of graduation announcements this week and they are may favorite! I am so excited for my boy!

This week I was thrilled to share some of the pieces I received this month as an Ambassador from XCVI. These pants are my favorite. I wore them yesterday to run to Target.  You can use my code THISBLONDE20 to get 20% off any order from XCVI.XCVI Arrin Pant

Have you grabbed these bracelets yet?

Another favorite? Last week we attended a surprise 50th birthday party and I wore my new magnetic lashes. They are a favorite for sure. Easy to put on and easy to take off – with the added benefit of no glue!Magnetic Lashes

I had low lights put in last week. They were pretty dark the first few days but have gradually lightened and I really like the color. They give my hair more dimension. It’s been a fun change.

My shopping ban has been going well so far, I have not purchased and clothes, shoes, or accessories for 2 weeks! #whoami But last week when I scored a 20% off coupon and had rewards points to cash in I scooped up this self tanning mousse. It is my favorite. Dries quickly, the color is great and immediate – the color develops completely in 2 hours!

My final favorite for the week: these new slides. I wanted a pair of slides and these are comfortable and have that added bling to make them stand out a bit.

In case you missed it, you can check out my post from Monday here and my post from Wednesday here.

This weekend I have fun plans with my friend Melodie tonight and a princess party on Saturday. Do you have any fun plans?

Of course since it’s Friday I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites!

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