Friday Favorites #100

Gosh I love Fridays! Especially when it’s a Friday heading into a long weekend! Those of us in the US are celebrating the birthday of a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If he were alive today I wonder what he would think/say about the state of things? I’m afraid he’d be pretty disappointed and that makes me want to do better and be kinder and love more fiercely. Speaking of love, let’s get to what I am loving this week!


Our family of four will be together again over the long weekend!

Dress || Boys’ Pullovers

On the beauty front I have a few things to share. One is new to me. I read in a magazine that Maybelline had a great eyeliner that lasted all day. Sign. Me. Up. As I have aged my eyes seem to water more. The eyeliner I have been using was this one. It works pretty well but the outer corner of my left eye always has some smudges. I’m always happy to get a drug store brand and save some $$$!

I continue to love my IT Brush Bath. I swear it works wonders cleaning my brushes! I am amazed at how much make up accumulates on a brush in just a few uses.

Each day I am reminded of just how much I love my make up bag from Amazon. My friend Laura bought one for her daughter for Christmas and she loves it too! I should say that even though it is marketed as a travel bag I use it for my everyday make up as well as when I travel.

I have a new plaid shirt I am positively GAGA over. All my favorite vibrant colors and a price tag that is to die for (under $7!). I bought it in a size large and love the fit!  The weather is supposed to finally cool off next week and I am wearing this outfit!Plaid shirt + Vest + Jeans + Leopard Booties

Plaid Shirt || Leopard Booties

Right after Christmas my precious friend Leslie sent me an Etsy gift card so I could order this beautiful dancer ornament, in memory of my niece. I was so touched that Leslie would think of me in such a kind and meaningful way. Well, I ordered the ornament and it arrived. It is beautiful! Thank you Leslie!

I was moved to tears this week when I heard this song by Riley Green. As we approach the one year anniversary of my father’s death, this song seemed like it was written just for us. This song is a favorite for sure!

On a happier note, our oldest son has a birthday this weekend. He turns 22 on Sunday and we’ll be headed up to see him on Monday (we have plans on Sunday -oops!). This is a big year for our oldest. He will graduate in December but before that he has a summer internship in Nashville, TN with KPMG (he is an Information and Systems Engineering Major). This semester he is a Teaching Assistant. Nolan has always been a boy who loved to learn and loved school. I can’t wait to celebrate our sweet boy!

My darling boy in 1st grade!

Gator Football

All grown up and a senior in college with his roommates, cousins, and brother!

Other than a trip to Gainesville we are headed to the Scottish Highland Games on Saturday and the Eagle Scout Ceremony for the son of one of my very best friends! So it will be a weekend of all good things and for that I am so grateful!As usual I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika for Friday Favorites!

In case you missed it, you can find Monday’s post here and Wednesday’s post here. Speaking of “here” I hope to see you back here on Monday!

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