Friday Favorite: Target Green Dress

Every Friday is good but today is especially good. It’s Good Friday in the Christian world and just days away from Easter. I have enjoyed this Lenten season and a taking full advantage of the services my church is offering again this year. This is the first year in some time that feels truly normal again, praise God! I mentioned here that my favorite thing about Easter was getting a new dress, well today, my new Target green dress is taking center stage!

Target Green Dress

Target Green Dress

It all started innocently enough while I was scrolling Facebook. The pictures below caught my eye. I have been so drawn to green this year and everything about this outfit spoke to me! Being a little leery of ordering from online boutiques I’m unfamiliar with found me in an adult version of the game Memory. Where have I seen similar pieces? Ahhh…yes, the jacket. Chico’s had the jacket and it was on sale! Score! But the green dress…hmmm…that would prove to be trickier.

Searching for the Perfect Dress

Searching high and low on my favorite websites is nothing new. It’s especially easy when you can narrow your search with filters like color and style. For instance, I set the filters for “dress” color “green” style “short, casual” – this helps immensely! The more specific you can be, the easier the search. However, finding the right shade of green and style was not nearly as easy as I’d hoped. In fact, a few times I went back to the inspiration dress and clicked “add to cart” – but never quite got to the point of completing the purchase. After reviewing the shipping and return policy I decided I didn’t want to risk it.

Target Green Dress

I actually saw this dress on another influencer but it was in a pretty print. To be completely honest, by this point in my search – and it had been well over a month – I was ready to call it quits and make do with what I had. This was my “shop my closet” version (although the jacket was new).

Lo and behold, the dress was available in green! Unfortunately it was not available at any of my local Targets – there are 3 in my area – so it had to be ordered. It arrived on Wednesday! Now it may not be the exact dress as what inspired me but it is a great option and totally fits the bill!

Target Green Dress

The color, the length, the fabric, the price – all the necessary boxes were checked! I decided to cut off the ties at the neck because they didn’t really fit with my vision. I ordered the dress in a size medium (should have gotten a small maybe but I was afraid it would be too short) and I like the fit – while I’m usually leery of the Knox Rose brand at Target, I have to say this one is a winner! It comes in 2 prints and is currently on sale!

Target green dress

Where to Wear It

When the weather heats up I love nothing better than a lightweight dress. More comfortable than shorts and while still casual, it’s a bit more sophisticated in my opinion. This dress is a great option to wear casually – sandal and sneaker friendly, but also dressed up a bit with a heel. It layers well too – the denim jacket is a great topper. I think when it cools off a tall boot or booties would also work. See? So versatile!

Target Green Dress

Thanks for stopping by today friends, I appreciate it so very much! I hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


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