Friday Faves

Today I have a hodge podge of goodness to share, some of my recent faves! From lips, to hips, to walls my list spans them all.

First up, my recent purchase of these embroidered jeans from Target. I tried them on last week but put them back because I didn’t want to pay full price. Voila! A new week meant a new Cartwheel deal – all jeans 20% off! Score! So with 20% off, $15 in gift cards (thank you laundry detergent purchases) and my RedCard I paid $13 for my jeans. I’m not sure what I like better, the jeans or the deal! If you get these, size down, I ended up buying a size 2. Am I a size 2 normally? Um, heck no. Get them here!

Next, another Target find. For some time now I have been on the hunt for a lip treatment. I am not at all interested in spending much on said treatment and that made it a little harder. Enter my new favorite lip treatment from Pixi at Target . This nourishing lip treatment is a mere $12! I am loving it. There are little bristles at the tip so when you apply it you’re exfoliating. I love how smooth my lips feel after I’ve used it. It has become part of my evening skincare routine. Check it out!

My next favorite is my new necklace . This BaubleBar necklace has been such a great piece. I’ve worn it several times since it arrived and each time I fall in love a little more. It’s different than my other pieces so maybe that’s why I like it so much. One of the main reasons I don’t hesitate when purchasing from BaubleBar is because of the quality. Their pieces don’t tarnish or turn and I just love the selection!  Did I mention they also have free shipping and returns?  Yes, they do!

Surprisingly another favorite for me has been the Common Threads Challenge! It is finally dawning on me that the challenge has really pushed me to be more creative with the pieces I’ve chosen. Case in point, my olive pants (similar) and red halter top. I would not have worn these pieces together had it not been for the challenge, I would have grabbed a pair of jeans. I’ve been wearing my olive cargo pants (similar) with everything I’d normally wear my jeans with and I really like the result!


























































Finally the walls at my school are a favorite! Ha! Well, one wall in particular. There’s a little backstory. Our PTA had budgeted funds for school beautification and long story short this mural is the result. It was designed and painted by 4 high school students from our local high school. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I was when I met with these girls and asked if they’d be interested in an art project. It has become such a welcoming wall in our school’s lobby and gives me a lift each time I walk by! And FYI – see the graduation cap? It’s a photo op – students can stand underneath the cap and it looks like they’re wearing it! How clever, right?

So there you have it, my list of faves on this fine Friday. What are your plans this weekend? I’m headed back to a Vex Robotics Competition once again this weekend. For me it’s a lot like the Big Bang Theory and I’m Penny, surrounded by geniuses!

Make it a good one friends!



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