Flat Lays Come to Life

According to bing.com the definition of a flat lay is: a photo of objects of the same theme grouped together that are laid out ‘flat’ and photographed from above. They are used a lot in fashion magazines to display outfits or different fashion styles, but are sometimes made up of homewares, beauty products or anything really. Fashion bloggers use them all the time and they are often quite captivating. I find myself sometimes wondering if a flat lay will actually work on a real body, so last week I put my mad skills to the test!

The following two flat lays appeared on my Instagram last week. Follow me there is you aren’t already!#FlatLay#FlatLay

When I have time to play around in my closet I start looking for patterns and colors that speak to the mood I’m in. You can see I am obviously hoping for cooler weather so I can start wearing two new sweaters and of course my new white ankle boots.
#Pattern Mixing
While the first outfit definitely worked as a flat lay I wasn’t sure how it would work on me. The pants (option.option) are cropped and I was hoping the length would be okay with my white booties. This is fairly bold pattern mixing too but that suits me. You could easily wear a solid sweater with printed pants to achieve the same look. Options for striped sweater here and here.#Pattern Mixing

The second outfit was definitely safer. My only concern with it was again, the white booties. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the booties with my pin striped “pleggings. I ended up really liking it and wondered why I ever doubted I would! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing white booties you could easily wear black ones. My pink sweater is on sale and the black and white gingham shirt is too! You can score a great deal on the pleggings  (plus size).That isn’t their real name it is the one I gave them because they are called pants but they are an awful lot like leggings. Pant + Leggings = Pleggings!#Hot Pink Sweater

Do you ever experiment with flat lays? I recommend it! Especially if you’d like to try pattern mixing. By laying out your clothes you can get a good idea how the patterns, colors, and textures will work. One tip however, be sure all the items you are playing with fit you properly. A bad fit can throw the whole thing off!

Also keep in mind that details matter! For example one of the things I love to see is a shirt layered under a sweater. It gives you the option of having the bottom hem show as well as the cuffs at the sleeve. The bottom hem showing provides a nice break between the patterns. Don’t forget jewelry too! I have some pieces I wear all the time like my Kendra Scott Cuff Bracelet< and my Rayne necklace. They are easy pieces that go with everything!
Today on The Blended Blog we have a link up and the theme for today is work out wear. I don’t invest much in work out wear, which is funny since I work out often. Anyhow, I find my best pieces at Old Navy and TJ Maxx. My work out clothes are old but I have rounded up some pieces for you:

Here’s hoping your week is going well! Make it a great one friends!

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