Five Travel Favorites

Having just arrived home from Italy late Sunday night, I am very much aware of the products that had the most impact. These are the things that made my trip easier and better, some you may already own. With summer vacation season right around the corner it seemed like the perfect time to share my five travel favorites!

Five Travel Favorites

These first two products make a difference while traveling to and from your vacation destination! I’ll never be on a flight without them. I simply could not imagine flying without my compression socks and leg slings!

Especially if you are flying for an extended period of time – or even driving in a car for that matter – the threat of blood clots is real. Even if you think that it won’t happen to you, consider this: the compression socks keep your feet and legs from swelling! The one time I didn’t wear them (returning from the UK) by the time we landed I had the largest ankles and they were so painful! I swear, my feet were unrecognizable. Now I wear these compression socks each day when I go for my walks. My legs have never felt better, you would be surprised at how much more energy you’ll have when you wear them!

These leg slings made a HUGE difference on my recent flights. They are easy to pack and use.

I bought this curling iron to use on this trip and for all my future travels. It’s compact, heats up quickly, and has dual voltage making it ideal for worldwide travel. Use it with a power adapter and you are ready to go! It worked like a dream for me!

You’ve heard me sing the praises of this mirror before. I use it every single day at home and since it packs easily I use it for travel too. The reason you need this? It sticks to the mirror so it does not take up any counter space, has a 12 inch long gooseneck and it is magnified. In Italy our bathrooms had very limited counter top space in the bathroom. Having my mirror made all the difference. Even though it a lighting feature, I don’t use it.

Number five has me sounding like a broken record for sure but my packing cubes are an absolute MUST! They help keep me organized and since they have the compression feature I can pack more and take up less space.

Those are my top 5 travel favorites, do you have any? What are your must haves when it comes to travel?

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