Finding My Way Back

Here’s where I’m coming from today. January is a hard month for many of us – after the holiday fun it’s back to business and that can be slow going. Some of us (me included) consider cutting back on the blog or even stepping away altogether. Gasp!  But then something happens and the pieces start to fall in place and the fog starts to lift. I realize I do have something to say!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately and what seems to be helping me find my way back!

  • no alcohol for the month of January
  • bootcamp class at the gym on MWF and sleep in on T, TH
  • long walks outside in the daylight while listening to my new favorite podcast
  • start collecting information on how I can best achieve what I need to do about the opioid epidemic – something positive must come from my niece’s death

It’s funny because none of those things has anything to do with blogging yet feeling better physically and having a purpose allows me to feel more creative. I arrived at these things for a few reasons. Sleeping in over the break felt good. I rarely get good sleep and I want to see the role, if any, alcohol plays. By making Tuesday and Thursday sleep in days and not having an alarm set feels darn good. On those days I am stepping away from my work computer and walking outside for an hour. I get so wrapped up in my podcast I could keep going and I have to make myself stop after an hour. For me, I may have found that my self care regimen needing a little reboot and this was it!

How did these changes impact me last week? Well, for starters I felt good. We still went to game night at our local Italian restaurant on Monday but I drank water instead of my usual two glasses of cabernet (I have to have 2, they are bogo!).  By Thursday I had so much more energy in the morning that I did some deep cleaning. It involved me scrubbing the bathroom floors on my hands and knees!  I made to-do lists and checked off items and it felt good.I started jotting down things to do and investigate in regards to the opioid epidemic and a plan is starting to take place.

By Friday I was feeling so happy I was talking my fool head off on Instagram stories (I’d love it if you’d follow me there). By Friday night I was ready to go to our Senior Pastor’s Retirement Party. I had been toying with the idea previously, as much as I wanted to go at this point I am having a hard time with goodbyes.  Anyway, it paid off in spades. We were able to catch up with people we haven’t seen in awhile and it felt good to hug my pastor and his wife – (and I only teared up didn’t actually ugly cry).   Several church members spoke, including my friend Adam Gruler. He was the cop inside the Pulse Nightclub in 2016 when that horrific tragedy took place. He is now in seminary and well on his way to becoming a pastor himself!

Here’s what I wore this weekend. I had fun with these outfits!White Pants + Camel Sweater + Leopard Booties

Sweater || Dress Pants || Leopard Booties || Necklace ||Earrings

Camo Jacket

With my oldest son’s Pre-K teacher

Jacket (on MAJOR SALE!)

Floral Leggings + Wedge Sneakers + Long Cardigan + Twist Front Tee

Running Errands on Saturday

Similar Tee || Similar Cardigan || Similar Necklace||Earrings
With a minor change I was ready to go out Saturday night to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays!

Sequin Pencil Skirt + Cardigan + Twist Front Tee + Open Toe Booties

I am obsessed with this skirt!

Sequin Pencil Skirt || Similar Open Toe Booties ||Bracelet

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your sequins! In fact, this is a great time to scoop up some pieces on sale.
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Make this Monday the best my friends, I’ll be back here on Wednesday with our Style Six Link Up!

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