Finally A Comfortable Pump

Honestly I thought I’d never utter those words. As I have gotten older I have developed bunions making it near impossible to find a comfortable heel let alone a pump. Luckily wedges work for me but there are times I need a true pump and finding a comfortable one seemed like it would never happen. My choice in clothing has been greatly impacted because my shoe choices were limited.  There was a time when I dressed up every single day for work.  Now? Not so much.  In fact, this is probably the most office appropriate outfit you’ve seen me in!

I am happy to tell you that all changed when Calla reached out to me. #someonegrabthesmellingsalts . Sorry but if you know me you know I have uttered those words before – if anyone ever reached out to me I thought for sure I’d faint! Anyhow, I’m happy to say I didn’t faint and I found the entire process quite delightful. Calla specializes in shoes for women with bunions, in fact they have developed a line of heels that are both comfortable and stylish! The leather is soft and pliable, it works with not against your bunions. The footbed is cushiony and soft. They are an absolute dream!

Since my love of a good nude shoe is strong I chose the Sophia in nude beige. Read this description : This classic court shoe is a must for every fashion conscious lady who suffers from bunions. The Sophia is produced using the finest goats leather, to flex and comfort where it’s needed most. Extra width and volume in the toe area of the shoe and a luxury leather-lined gently padded insole, all add up for a shoe experience your feet will love.
The 3.5 inch heel, with 0.5 inch platform, will seriously elevate your style without compromising comfort, perfect for any special occasion.

Take a look at my new shoes! You can see my bulging bunion, yes?

To make sure you get the proper size, you will measure both the length and width of your foot. This was easy to do with a downloadable measuring tool from the Calla website. If you live in the UK you can enjoy free shipping and returns, the rest of us will be charged a nominal fee.

Honestly I can not thank Calla enough. Lord knows I have had lots of issues finding a dressy shoe. So much so that it has really changed what I wear. I find myself turning away from dressier clothing simply because I have no shoes to wear. I have been fortunate enough to get away with more casual styles but there are times I need a good shoe and I am thrilled to have found it! Take for instance this outfit.  I hardly ever wear this blazer (it’s 12 years old) nor do I wear this blouse – they call for a dressier shoe and I didn’t have a comfortable one.  Until now.

If you suffer from bunions, please, do yourself a favor and check out Calla because you can’t wear Birkenstocks everywhere! Ha!

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