Favorite Place to Visit: Nashville

Happy Friday, friends! You probably know by now that my favorite place to visit is Nashville. Not only do I love how pretty it is but two of my favorite people are there! It’s a quick trip from Orlando so any excuse I can get to visit I take.

Since it’s a place I visit often, I keep a box of toiletries there. It makes it even easier to pack and use just a carry on. I use my packing cubes and strategically pack the necessities to make traveling even easier with no hold ups waiting on luggage.

A few weeks ago I felt as though I hit rock bottom with the my blogging journey. I felt frustrated and despite all the Youtube videos and tutorials I watched on making reels for IG, I still struggled. Actually that was one piece, there were many others as well. Bottom line: sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it! Ha! I made the decision to invest in myself by taking a quick trip to get my head on straight, so off to Nashville I went!

It’s funny that when I tell people I’m going to Nashville they immediately think of the bars and the music – and while that’s all fun for some – it’s not all there is to Music City! I prefer time with friends and love to drive around and enjoy the beautiful homes and scenery. Since I do live an incredibly boring life – I am completely fine with it btw – my getaways are not necessarily Instagram photo worthy but I do try to document the trip.

I arrived Friday evening after work and Lisa picked me up. We woke up Saturday morning and met Nanette in Franklin for lunch and a little shopping. Downtown Franklin is so charming – this is the third time I have visited and I fall in love a little more each time.

Saturday night we met up with my son, Nolan to see his new place and go to dinner. Nolan is a total foodie – he loves finding new places to eat and he loves cooking too. He took us to a place called Two Ten Jack – it’s a noodle and sushi place. It was very good – we loved the brussel sprouts so much we ended up ordering it twice!

No visit to Nashville is complete without Jeni’s ice cream. On the way there we dropped into Five Daughter’s Bakery. No pictures of the ice cream – but it was sooooooo good!

Pants || Top || Shoes

We were home and in pjs early – that’s honestly how we roll! Then Sunday morning was church and lunch then a bit of shopping at Green Hills Mall. Although we didn’t take any pictures I wore my green slip dress to church with my black blazer. I wore my black bermuda shorts and hot pink shirt to the mall. I wore my clear heels practically the whole time. My heels were on the pricey side but when I consider the cost per wear, I know they were a good purchase. I’ve seen them at all different price points but I know that these are comfortable and had I bought a less expensive pair, there is no way I would have been able to wear them as much as I have.

Sunday night we headed out to the agricultural center near Lisa’s place to take some photos. You saw those on Thursday. I know I speak for just about everyone who blogs but it really would be nice to have someone to do this with all the time, ya know? Lisa helped me figure out a few things with my email subscriptions, it is so helpful to have someone to work with on these kinds of things.

My return flight on Monday was not until 10pm so we had the day to do what we wanted. Basically that equated to continuing to fix the MailChimp issue on my blog. Then we took a walk, came home, showered, and went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Get ready to be blown away when I tell you this…I have not eaten at CFA in years! It’s just not a place we go. I like it fine and had a great salad, isn’t that funny?

Nolan picked me up after his work day ended and we went to dinner before he dropped me off at the airport. Again, no photos of dinner but I can say we had a great time sitting outside and just talking. I miss him so much but I I know he really enjoys living in Nashville and that makes me heart so happy!

That’s it – another Nashville trip in the books. I’ll probably go again – with my husband in the fall. Have you been? Any places you consider a must visit in Music City?


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