Favorite Looks for Less

Happy Friday, friends and cheers to the weekend ahead! Today I thought I’d change things up just a bit and do a favorites all about looks for less. That’s right, I’ve rounded up a few pieces that you can score for fewer pennies without giving up incredible style.

Favorite #1 Save vs. Splurge

Ahhhh…the infamous star jacket! How I wish Target had come out with this 18 months ago. I stalked mine for 18 months and finally snagged it at Anthro with a 20% off coupon. But Pistola is a premium brand and I love my jacket but the Target dupe is 1/3 of the price!

Favorite #2 Save vs. Splurge

The green ruffled top…I adore clothes from Anthro but the price tags? Not so much. I only shop when the sale is on sale or I have a coupon. The green ruffled top from Target is an excellent dupe. It’s well made and the color is gorgeous. The splurge option has a nice tie at the waist which is very flattering!

Favorite #3 Save vs. Splurge

These wedge sneakers are so awesome! I have the Target version and they are going on their 3rd season with me – still fabulous. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. A wedge sneaker is an excellent option for those who want a more casual look than a bootie but a step up from a sneaker.

Favorite #4 Save or Splurge

I love bracelets! I bought the Splurge option and wear them almost daily. What I love about Baublebar is that despite all the self tanner and lotion I slather on daily, the gold color has not tarnished. They add a little something extra to any arm party. The save version is a deal and a half! The splurge bracelets are $10, the save version is $13 for 3!

Favorite #5 Save or Splurge

These braided sandals have been trending so naturally I needed a pair. I seriously considered the splurge version but thought I’d give the save version a shot. I am glad I did. Even on my finicky feet they are comfortable!

Hope you enjoyed this round up. I always love a bargain but it needs to be well made and I need to actually like it. No use getting something because the price is good if the fit is off, the quality stinks and you never wear it!

What do you like to spend money on? Are some things worth a higher price tag, let me know!


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