Favorite Finds

Happy Friday, friends! It’s another 3 day weekend for me as I have today off to continue celebrating my birthday. Up today is my annual birthday celebration with one of my best friends. Before all of that begins it’s time to share favorite finds from this week!

Favorite Finds

With Father’s Day next weekend, I do have a few favorite finds that would make excellent gifts. I’ve mentioned these insulated glasses before – my husband has them and loves them! Whether you drink beer, iced tea, soda, water, etc. these will quickly chill and keep your drink chilled.

The other find from this week – Notes to Self Socks. I was lucky enough to collaborate with this brand and it occurred to me that most of the dads I know wear these athletic socks. The positive affirmations on these socks are fun and unique. While there are some for men, there are plenty that are perfect for women and children too!

One more find this week – Laura Geller beauty. My friend Kathrine shared this make up and I figured I’d give it a try. I ordered this kit in the shade medium, it’s actually great for when I have self tanned but too dark when I’m not. I am interested enough to order a lighter color – stay tuned to see if it replaces my drug store beauty!

Favorite Day this Week

Living in FL means I get to crash may vacations and work trips! Ha!! I kid, but only sort of; if I know you are coming to the Central Florida area you can bet I’ll be asking if you’d like to meet me for a quick cup of coffee! So when a group of influencers, known as the Chit Chat Chic Girls were coming to St. Petersburg I couldn’t help myself. On Tuesday, I drove with 2 of my other influencer friends to meet these lovely ladies in person. It was a blast and they are all nice, genuine, and down to earth. Seriously, these ladies, including the two that rode with me, are BIG accounts. But you’d never know it and they treated me so well.


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Of course when a group like this gets together, what to wear is a major concern! Unfortunately, since it is hotter than you-know-what here and super humid, well, that majorly impacts the decision. The ladies wanted to eat outside, so a cotton sundress and sandals were in order. Turned out to be a decision I did not regret, this dress never lets me down!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, it means so much to me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, one filled with peace, joy, and grace!

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