Faux Leather Leggings Over 50 but under $40!

One of the best decisions I made fashion wise 4 years ago was to get a pair of faux leather leggings. In the past I purchased a pair from Kohl’s and immediately returned them. They were way too hot and I looked like I was wearing garbage bags on my legs. Not the look I was going for needless to say. I had my own Ross moment!

The blog world raves about Spanx faux leather leggings. With great reviews and a cult following I don’t think you can go wrong. Part of the Anniversary Sale, this is a great time to grab a pair at a deep discount.

The pair I bought 4 years ago are from one of Nordstrom’s house brands BP. They have held up well and I’ve worn them a lot. They have a newer version on sale this year, if you were thinking of dipping your toe into the faux leather legging pool, now is the time!

Nervous or unsure about how to wear them? Don’t be. They are totally mainstream now. You know what else? They are made for EVERY BODY, so grab a pair and have fun!

You know my love of my new white blazer, how terrific is it with these faux leather leggings? How about these statement earrings?

How about with the hot pink jacket?

Here are some ways I have worn mine in the past.

Faux Leather Leggings + Khaki Sweater + Leopard Booties
Snake Print Booties
Headed out to dinner in London!
Snakeskin top + Faux leather leggings

How to decide between Spanx and another brand? Four years ago I bought my faux leather leggings on sale from Nordstrom because with free shipping and returns I had nothing to lose. Last year I ordered a pair from Spanx but ended up returning them. I probably bought the wrong size – should have sized up – but I am vehemently opposed to wearing shape wear. I find it uncomfortable and that’s how the Spanx leggings felt to me. But I am in the minority by a landslide here and everyone else loves them. So only you can decide for your self what’s right.

Not ready for full blow faux leather? Then try these. Also from Spanx you’ll get all the held in, smoothness you crave with great style!

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