Fall Kimono & Link Up

The kimono is one of my very favorite clothing items! While I normally wear mine in spring and summer the kimono can serve as the perfect completer piece in the fall. I have recently added two new kimonos to my ever expanding collection.

This first one was such a steal! It is under $15! It is the perfect kimono to wear with denim shorts or jeans when it cools off. It comes in one size. Because it’s still so hot here in fall, if I’m wearing jeans with my kimono then I’m wearing a tank or cami as well. My open toe booties keep my feet cool better than regular booties.

The second one I saw on Instagram and immediately ordered it. I have wanted a plain, ivory or cream colored kimono for a little more than a year. I cannot believe how hard it has been to find one. This one not only comes in cream but in blush too. It’s also on super sale and comes in one size. I love the lace detail! I decided to do an all black, dressier look with this one just for a little diversity.

Shop kimonos here (including plus and petite sizes):

So, do you wear kimonos? I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that not all kimonos are created equally. Some are very billowy, some are more tailored; some are longer, some are shorter. If you haven’t quite found the right one then keep looking. Target and Forever 21 usually have a good stock and the prices can’t be beat. Look for the right proportion for your body type and you’ll speaking kimono like the rest of us!
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