Fall Getaway

As I write this post on Wednesday afternoon, I feel like a sitting duck! Hurricane Ian is coming my way so there is a good chance I will be without power. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and still be in the midst of my Fall getaway!

Fall Getaway

The plans for my Fall getaway came together rather quickly. Andrea mentioned that her husband would be away and asked if I’d like to head up to Indiana. Andrea and I have traveled together in the past, you can see those posts here, here, and here.

The plan was that I’d fly up to South Bend and stay with her. Then we’d go to Michigan and Chicago. I flew up on a Monday afternoon and returned home Friday evening.

What We Did

My flight was slightly delayed but upon my arrival Andrea picked me up and we went to dinner. Once we arrived at her beautiful home and I got the grand tour, we chatted before hitting the hay!

Tuesday morning we were up bright and early to walk. Andrea walks every day for about an hour – like I do on the days I am not at my Bootcamp class. This was a great way to stay on track and feel good even when we were indulging in all the yummy food and adult beverages.

Fall Getaway

The rest of Tuesday went like this: Andrea’s sweet mom joined us for a delicious brunch. Then Andrea and I headed into Michigan for some shopping. We visited St. Joseph’s, Three Oaks, and also New Buffalo. We shopped, drank, and ate! On the way home we stopped at Target for eye masks and ended up in the fitting room trying on the cutest two piece knit sets and some fabulous Western boots!

Fall Getaway

On Wednesday we drove into Chicago – about a 2 hour drive. We checked into our hotel – a boutique hotel called EMC2. Jill took the train in and joined us for the day! I met Jill in person last year and it was so nice of her to take the day off to spend with us. We had a wonderful lunch at Curfew – sat outside and it was HEAVEN! Then we shopped before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Andrea made reservations at Restoration Hardware’s restaurant and it was not only gorgeous but delicious too. After dinner we made our way to Watershed, a speakeasy in Pops Champagne Bar. After bidding farewell to sweet Jill, Andrea and I popped into Trader Joe’s and bought my very first kringle! The pumpkin kringle was so good and lived up to all the hype!

Fall Getaway

Thursday morning we had brunch reservations with Kathrine, Laura, and Caroline at Beatrix. It was so wonderful to meet these ladies! There is something so special about meeting blogger friends in person. We ate, talked, and grabbed a few photos. Laura and Kathrine had to head back home but since Caroline works in the city, she was able to join us for the day. You might detect a theme here but this is how we spent the day: we shopped, had a cocktail, shopped some more and then ate dinner.

This was my second time to visit Chicago and one of my favorite things is deep dish pizza. We had that at Lou Malnadi’s. It was delicious. Side note: I have a nickname – the cleaner. If you do not eat all of the food on your plate, I will! I ate my personal pan pizza and then Andrea’s last slice! It’s my super power!

Fall Getaway

After dinner we said goodbye to Caroline. Who by the way, is the sweetest and most precious soul. I felt like I’d known her forever and I cannot wait to go back to Chicago and see her again! We drove back to Andrea’s house, worked on our blog posts and had a great night’s sleep.

Friday morning was chilly but we walked before showering and heading to breakfast. Andrea made reservations at the Tipsy Biscuit and it was so very good! After eating we explored some cute boutiques in Elkhart, hit the downtown area and then made our way home. I packed, we snacked, and then ot was time to drop me off at the airport.

Fall Getawat

What a week! I enjoyed myself immensely and highly recommend a Fall getaway. Traveling solo meant I only had to worry about myself and it felt so indulgent. Each day was an absolute blessing and Andrea was the hostess with the mostess!

What I Wore

I felt very comfortable with what I packed. Although initially I was a bit concerned about the weather. I brought only 4 pair of shoes: my sneakers (for walking), my P488 sneakers, these heels, and these flip flops. I cannot go barefoot around the house because of my plantar’s fasciitis and a host of other issues so I always have flip flops or slides.

perfect 2 piece set from Target
I wore this after brunch on Thursday and it was PERFECT!

My trusty blazer came with me along with my denim jacket, white jeans, black sundress, and black slip dress. I realized how much I have benefitted from honing in on my own personal style. I did not find myself in a panic over what to wear for dinner, my slip dress, blazer, and heels were perfect! I did pack a Half Tee and Sheecsocks and they proved to be very useful. I also wore this polo neck sweater (in the photo above with my blazer). It has proven to be a wonderful addition to my closet. The fabulous pink dress I wore to brunch was purchased in a boutique in Amelia Island so I do not have a link.

Are you ready for a Fall getaway? Where would you go and who would you see?

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