Fall Basics from Target 2022

Fall Basics from Target 2022

If you’re with me at all on my journey to end the reign of having nothing to wear but a very full closet, then this post is for you! The Fall basics from Target 2022 have arrived and they are coming in hot! Remember when you have good basics you can create loads of cute Fall outfits and when you shop women’s Fall clothing online at Target, you won’t break the bank.

How to Shop Fall Basics at Target

Last week I shared some tops from BRF and Walmart. Two affordable retailers and when you shop strategically you can get great pieces at amazing prices. The same goes for Target. The different lines they carry offer a different vibe and I have learned over the years which ones suit me and which ones do not. For example, Knox Rose and Wild Fable are usually a no-go for me.

Knox Rose has cute, Boho styled pieces but I’ve found that they don’t necessarily wash up and wear well. All too quickly they ended up in my donate pile. That brought my cost per wear to an amount I wasn’t happy with. Whereas pieces from A New Day or Universal Thread have more staying power. Of course this is just based on my experience and preferences.

When you shop budget friendly retailers always consider the quality. I believe you can find quality pieces as long as you pay attention and make smart choices. The fabric is the place to start and even if you are buying a fabric that isn’t necessarily high end- silk vs. satin there’s a strategy. Choose solid colors over prints and neutrals over other random colors. Do this because when you opt for a less expensive fabric, like satin or polyester for example, solid black looks more luxe than bright purple.

Fall Tops from Target

After a bit of a closet clean out (highly recommended btw) I realized if there were any holes in my wardrobe they’d fall in the category of tops. Specifically short sleeve tops. Since I live in a warm climate my strategy is climate comfort first and then color. This means I want tops that are lightweight enough to keep me from sweating but in Fall colors.

Fall Tops + Pants

You might be surprised to find one shoulder tops listed here for fall basics but for me they are completely on point and fit my criteria. They’ll work for both day and night, I can wear them comfortably until December, and they are neutral, Fall colors.

Brown One Shoulder Top + Ecru Denim 
Fall Tops

A polo neck sweater is another excellent option when it comes to Fall tops. This one is a great basic and it’s a thicker fabric so it will keep you warm. The short sleeves are a nice option.

Cream Polo Neck Sweater + Ecru Denim
Fall Tops

Some other Fall tops from Target that caught my eye:

Fall Bottoms from Target

Target has great denim as well as trousers. Off white, ecru, or cream denim is really trending this year. You’d be hard pressed NOT to see it at a retailer this season. So, yes, they’re available at every price point. I tried a pair of Calvin Klein from Prime Wardrobe but wasn’t completely sold. I took a chance on these from Target and I am keeping them.

Polo Neck Sweater + Ecru Denim
Fall Pants

This pair is a high rise, vintage style. They have great details like a gold/rust colored stitching. Small details like that make a less expensive item look more luxe. They have a slight flare and are long enough on my 5’5″ frame for heels or flats.

A skinny black pant will always have a place in a list of good wardrobe basics. This is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down. Think of these as a great alternative to leggings.

Black Skinny Pants + Ribbed Tank + Blazer
Fall Pants

A casual black pant is a wardrobe staple as well. This pair from A New Day is well made; the cotton is thick enough, they have pockets and they are cropped.

Polo Neck Sweater + Black Pants
Fall Pants

A dress pant that skims the body is an essential as well. The stock photo of these is horrible but in person, on a real body they are amazing! I wish Target offered these in other colors besides the three. This pair is versatile – wear them with a blazer, a denim jacket, a sweater, a blouse, or a tee! I made an Instagram reel showing three ways to style them.

Wide leg pants are everywhere and look so chic! This pair is such a great style BUT they run very big. I am wearing a size 6 in all of these pants from Target. These are a 6 as well but look at how big they are! Size down at least one.

Fall Blazers and Jackets from Target

Every wardrobe needs at least on blazer. I consider a blazer an investment piece because they are always in fashion. That being said, you don’t have to spend hundreds to find one you love. My very favorite blazers came from Walmart last year! Don’t overlook affordable retailers like Target. This one from A New Day is a great option. Pro tip: changing the buttons on a blazer is a great way to elevate the appearance! I thrifted a blue Banana Republic blazer last year and had the buttons replaced with gold ones.

A New Day Blazer
Fall Basic

A denim jacket is something you can wear for years and years. To get the most wear from one my advice is to avoid embellishment. You can’t go wrong with a basic denim jacket and this year the ‘trucker style’ is trending. This longer version offers a nice alternative, especially if you prefer a little longer length.

Basic Black Dress for Fall

A ballerina style black dress is perfect for this time of year. While it’s still hot you can wear it alone but then add layers as needed. The length is nice and totally work appropriate (I’m thinking teachers here) and just by changing up your accessories you can elevate the look. If you don’t care for showing so much arm, layer with a Half Tee.

Black Ballerina Dress
Fall Dress

What’s the Benefit to You?

There’s no shame in shopping budget friendly retailers like Target or Walmart. Why pay more when you can pay less and still look good? Sometimes it’s worth it to pay more and I don’t believe we should ever sacrifice quality. I prefer to invest in good accessories like luxury leather goods! This year I’ve added two Gucci belts, a YSL handbag, and a Gucci bag. While this may not be for everyone, I am happy with these purchases. My advice is to use your quality accessories to elevate your style. These are the things that never go out of style!

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