Elevate Your Style with Statement Pieces

Today is all about elevating your style with statement pieces like special jackets, shoes, and jewelry. As we roll into the holiday season you’ll be seeing more and more of these enticing pieces. My hope is that by the end of the post you’ll realize that these stunners can work anytime – not just for special occasions!

What is a Statement Piece

While it may be a matter of personal taste, I believe anything with sequins, faux leather, or special embellishments qualifies an item as a statement piece. You might think of it this way – it’s an article of clothing that takes center stage; it’s eye catching! Think of it as the star of the show and everything else plays a supporting role.

When to Wear a Statement Piece

This is the cool part – ANYTIME! It used to be that anything with sequins was meant for New Year’s Eve or a semi formal/formal event. This is not the case any longer. Sort of like how we took athletic wear and made it more palatable and coined the phrase “athleisure” we have also taken fancy and fun pieces and made them completely appropriate for every day. Like most things it comes down to attitude and confidence.

How to Wear a Statement Jacket or Top

So many gorgeous jackets and tops are turning up. Velvet, sequin, faux leather – all make a statement and elevate a basic look. I loved crushed velvet for this time of year and I’ve rarely met a sequin I didn’t like. If you are thinking you’d like to try this out for yourself but you aren’t sure how to proceed try this: wear the jacket or top with a basic pant or pair of denim. Mixing the statement piece with something basic can help ease you into the process.

An oldie but a goodie from 2018!

Ways to Wear Statement Skirts or Leggings

While most of us are more comfortable wearing faux leather leggings, trousers are coming in hot this year! This is a great way to wear faux leather to work and why not elevate your personal style at the office?

Sequin leggings and skirts can be fun to wear too. My sequin leggings are going on their 3rd year and still holding strong. I love wearing them because they are so comfortable; like wearing leggings and a top but they are way more special than that. A pretty blouse or sweater is all it takes to pull this off.

#sequin leggings
I wore these sequin leggings to two events in one day!

Same thing with a sequin skirt or faux leather skirt. Add a pretty blouse or even a graphic tee and you have a great outfit. No need to add heels so many fashionable sneakers are available and they work so well. Top it off with a denim jacket to make this more “everyday” rather than special occasion.

graphic tee + sequin skirt
January, 2020

How to Wear a Statement Shoe or Boot

A basic outfit is anything but when you add a statement shoe or boot. Again, let this piece make the statement by keeping everything else understated. A statement heel can be worn with a dress or trousers. I suggest you avoid a maxi length skirt or dress because that would only serve to cover up your shoes or boots. Instead opt for pieces that showcase your footwear.

How to Wear Statement Jewelry

When statement necklaces hit the fashion scene a few years ago in a big way many of us jumped right on board. This is a fun way to add something special to your everyday look. Earrings, bracelets, and rings can be fun too and can easily become part of your personal style. While there certainly aren’t any hard and fast rules you need to abide by consider wearing only one statement piece at a time. This keeps the overall look more chic and avoids that dangerous territory of overdone or tacky.

#statement necklace
Sweater || Skirt || Bracelets || Earrings || Ring

Not to say, of course, that you cannot wear earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. with a statement necklace. It’s more about finding the right balance. In the above look, my necklace is the statement piece, my earrings are simple gold hoops, and my bracelets are neutral in tone and not super blingy.

A Word of Advice

All too often when we feel like trying something new we get the jitters. How will people react? What will people say if I wear x, y, or z? Do not let that stop you. If someone should ask why you are “dressed up” or “wearing that” simply respond with – “why not?” It is honestly the best answer. Most of the time when you encounter a ‘joy stealer’ the comments they make say way more about their current mood than yours. If what I am wearing makes you feel underdressed that is YOUR problem, not mine, okay? We can’t MAKE anyone feel anything it’s a choice.

I’ve been to ‘semi-formal’ events and have chosen to wear a simple black dress rather than a cocktail dress. Seeing others all dolled up did not make me feel as though I wished I had worn something else. I loved seeing what they were wearing and I loved being comfortable in what I was wearing. I hope that makes sense.

Bottom line, when you start making changes in your life – regardless of what they are fashion, food, weight loss, healthier habits – people close to you notice and that may give them pause to look at their own behaviors. That’s not always fun for them. But friends, life is too short to worry about what other people are thinking. If you want to do something – ANYTHING – do it. Now.

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