Effective Ways to Build Your Self Esteem When You Lack Confidence

It is common for most people to have bouts of low confidence throughout their life. Sometimes these dips in confidence might be due to an experience or simply a day of not feeling your best. 

Boosting confidence is important to feel content and happy in yourself. It is important for well-being and living life feeling your best self.

To boost your confidence it is important to know how to increase your self-esteem. Hence, here are some great tips to help you build your self-esteem. 

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Wear things to make you feel your best

Wearing things that make you feel your best is always a great way to build self-esteem. Even if it is only you that will see what you’re wearing (aka underwear), it is important to feel your best self in every way possible. 

For instance, wearing cute and sexy lingerie can make you feel great no matter what you are wearing on top. You can feel comfortable and sexy and power through the day feeling amazing. 

Or, you could wear your favorite pair of heels to a job interview and instantly feel more sophisticated and fabulous. 

Practice meditation 

Raising low self-esteem is possible through mindful practices, such as meditation. Allowing yourself to be present in the moment with no distractions can help you focus your thoughts on yourself, which can help you identify what is causing this bout of low confidence. 

Meditation can be performed for a few minutes or longer. It is a practice whereby you should sit with yourself and limit distractions (noises etc) so that you can sit in peace. This peacefulness can help your mind switch off of distractions and negative thoughts and focus on positive affirmations and gratitude. 

Practicing meditation once a day can help you find happiness within yourself, which is great for building self-esteem. 

Take good care of your body

There is no rule or evidence to suggest that excessive exercise and a strict diet can be positive for self-esteem. Although it might make you feel good short term, it might not be sustainable. Hence, it is important to take good care of your body, give it what it needs, and find a balanced and healthy routine.

For instance, when your body has been fuelled with good energy, then use it to exercise and improve your fitness. But, when your body is unwell or tired, then ensure to give yourself time to rest. 

Exercising frequently and eating a balanced diet will contribute to higher energy levels and better health. Yet, it is still important to treat yourself to your favorite foods and allow your mind and body to rest. The balance is what will help you find the most happiness and, therefore, the most confidence. 

These simple tips should help you to build your self-esteem. Taking each day as it comes and introducing these elements will slowly help you regain your confidence and feel your best self. Taking care of your mind and body, and giving it what it needs, will certainly help to regain your confidence and make you happier.


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