Early Friday Favorites #15

Not that I’m excited about the weekend or anything, lol, but I am ushering it in just a tad early with my Friday Favorites. I have something special planned for tomorrow so I decided rather than skip a favorites edition to just post it early. I hope you don’t mind!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Favorite #1 Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned the Ulta sale? I have finally received all my orders and one product really stands out for me. This is amazing! Without drying my lips the color stays on all day. I mean, really! I bought the color 1998 which is a bright pink #gofigure and I plan to purchase it in at least one more color. I wouldn’t use it every day because while it doesn’t dry my lips and give me that lizard lip feel it doesn’t moisturize them either.

Favorite #2 Last week I shared that I was attending the 40th Anniversary Celebration for my sorority. It was absolutely wonderful and I loved every minute of spending some precious time with some women I have not seen in years! It was also fun to see how much our sorority house has changed and to take a look back at our old photos.
I did wear my new dress and use my new lip color! This is a picture of me with my Kappa Delta little sister Laura!


If there was an award for the biggest hair I would have won!
Favorite #3 Friday night I made this recipe from my sweet friend Andrea’s blog. It was so good! My husband loved it too and told me to make it again. In fact if we had enough ingredients to make more that night we would have. The funny part is that my husband ate the apple I planned to use for the recipe so ours was fruitless but still delicious! Just so you know I use non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper every time I use my oven because I can’t stand anything getting baked on my pans. I have a problem, I know. I snapped this picture to send to Andrea as soon as I removed it from the oven!
Favorite #4 Weeks ago I told you about our Movie Pass and what a great deal it is. Last weekend we saw 3 movies and let me just tell you what a great savings this pass has been! If you were thinking of getting it, you should! Friday night we saw Chappaquiddick, Saturday night we saw Paul, Apostle of Christ, and Sunday night we saw Acrimony. Our 20 year old son tells us we have started living our old people lifestyle with our movie going but we are just fine with that!
Favorite #5 I mentioned yesterday that in my second shipment from Loft there was an item I loved. Well, this peplum jacket is it! I am wearing it in a small. It’s available in plus sizes but sold out online so check your store. I wore it to movie night #3 and took a bathroom selfie! It is a great jacket and I love the fit. I am loving the shorter length as well as the peplum. It’s a great weight as well. I also bought this pretty tee but I haven’t taken any photos in it yet. It also comes in plus sizes but is sold out online so again, check in your store.

Thanks for stopping by today, I mean that with all my heart! I’ll be back tomorrow with something special so be sure to check back! Happy Friday eve friends!

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