Dressing Up Camo

When camo first made a splash on the fashion scene it was in a very casual way. It sort of tiptoed in, not wanting to make too much of a splash. Testing the waters, ya know? Fast forward to 2020-21 and the print is everywhere. It’s definitely become more mainstream and I’ve even seen it in silk! Definitely not reserved for hunting and gaming any longer, lol!

My camo pants were purchased last fall and are now on clearance for $8.99! Of course that means sizes are limited. I’ve located some options for you that are all also on sale!

Blouse || Pants || Shoes || Earrings

Awhile back my friend Nancy styled her camo in such an elegant way. I knew it was a look I wanted to copy – you know what they say about imitation being the best form of flattery, right? Well, Nancy, I hope you are flattered!

Isn’t this glamorous? Or should I say camorous? LOL

I bought my tie neck blouse two years ago on Amazon. It is from their brand Lark & Ro – their more work wardrobe brand. It feels so luxurious but in this color way it is a little see through on the sides (you can see the care tag in one of my photos). A cami underneath would be an easy fix but I added a jacket since it’s actually felt like winter here lately!

I adore this jacket! The gathered sleeves give the look of a 3/4 sleeve or cuffed sleeve with an added little detail. I was thrilled to see that H&M still has many of these jackets in stock.

Jacket || Blouse || Pants || Shoes || Earrings

I am honored to be a Brand Ambassador for Sarah Flint. These shoes are a luxury item and the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. But they also feel like the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever owned (if you know what I mean!). Serious luxury and attention to detail. How they plucked me out of obscurity I’ll never know but am I ever grateful. I’ll own these a long time!

My shoes are the Perfect Block Sandal 60 in the color Sand Calf. With my code: SARAHFLINT-BAKELLYANN you can get $50 off your first pair. While they are expensive – they are well made with anatomical arch supports, foam cushioned foot bed, and a wider toe box – just to name a few features.

I rather like wearing an expensive, luxurious shoe with camo pants – a nice mix of high and low if you ask me! That’s the way to dress up your camo, mix it up with something a little unexpected like a silky blouse and fabulous shoes.

So here’s the bottom line with camo. Is it for everyone? Nope. Nothing is. Not even Nutella. Can it be worn for every occasion? Doubtful. Can it be worn to work? Depends on the work environment. Can it be dressed up? Heck yes! Here’s my tip if you want to pull off camo at work: look for a muted pattern. Look for less contrast in the print so it’s not screaming “camo coming your way!”

Are you a camo fan? I think it’s fun and I enjoy wearing it since it’s so versatile. I hope you are inspired to style your camo in a new and fun way!

I’ll have a new post for you tomorrow, see you then!


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