Dressing for Winter in FL and TBB Link Up

If this is your first week back to work are you as exhausted as I am? How can it only be Wednesday? I am looking forward to the weekend like nobody’s business. Speaking of business, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the post today. Or better yet let’s get to the meat and veggies since I think any kind of carb right now is a bad word. #holidaypoundsbegone But I digress.

Today The Blended Blog is talking all about winter outerwear. Visit Lana from My New Happy to link up or The Blended Blog site to link up. My version of winter outerwear is probably what the majority of The Blended Blog contributors wear in spring. It just doesn’t get that cold here. But I do have to share that on Friday I shared my new puffer vest from Old Navy. Then I returned it. Whaaaat???? I know. Listen, I DO NOT buy things to share on the blog and then return them. My intention is never to mislead you. What I realized is that it was too heavy and the collar came up a little too high. That meant my make up would be all over it. So back it went. And that hurt since I stalked it like it was my J-O-B! After searching a few other stores I found the perfect lightweight version at Kohl’s! Here is the plus size option.#PufferVestThis week I will be dropping it off to have it monogrammed! I can’t wait! If this outfit looks somewhat familiar that’s because it is. We took these pictures Saturday afternoon. I just switched out my plaid blazer for the vest and Voila! Two completely different looking outfits. But this vest is going to be exponentially cuter with a hot pink monogram on it!#WhitePufferVestI think I was feelin’ all kinds of sassy since I found THE VEST and I was wearing my comfy and stylish white booties. I mean seriously I am the queen of the street! Or at least I am posing like it!#WhitePufferVestThe back is nice too, take a look!#WhitePufferVestMost of the time a vest is all I need to stay warm. If it were cooler I’d layer it with a sweater and if it’s really cold I wear a scarf. I have to be careful with scarves though. Having a larger chest leaves me feeling like I’m wearing a life preserver, not at all comfortable.
What are your thoughts on outerwear? I see so many darling coats and jackets but I don’t need many so I resist the urge to over crowd my closet. I do own a couple of leather jackets. I like them because they keep me warm but they aren’t bulky.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me that you’re here! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Make it a great one friends!

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