Double Leopard and Weekend Wrap Up

Some will say don’t EVER wear two pieces featuring leopard print together. Ever. Fashion faux pas. Luckily that’s just what some say and I am not some. So there! #sassy

Leopard cami + Flare leg pants + Leopard wedges
Leopard Cami || Necklace || Earrings || Pants c/o XCVI || Leopard Espadriles

I think it’s absolutely fine to wear leopard with leopard as long as they aren’t competing. wearing a leopard top and pants? Not for me. A leopard top and leopard belt? I’m not sure, I’d have to see it. A leopard cami and leopard shoes? Why not! And p.s. you can get the necklace for 30% off with code SHOPSMALL – I love this necklace and wear it very often!

Leopard cami + Flare leg pants + Leopard wedges
Leopard Cami || Necklace || Earrings || Pants c/o XCVI || Leopard Espadriles

These pants c/o XCVI are so comfortable and lightweight. Every bit as good as wearing leggings but way more stylish. I shared them before here but this is how I wore them last week. Use my code THISBLONDE20 for 20% off your XCVI purchase.

Leopard  cami + khaki pants
Leopard Cami || Necklace || Earrings || Pants c/o XCVI || Leopard Espadriles

Let’s talk about this cami. It’s a keeper. Under $20 and the coloring is beautiful. The straps are adjustable and that is a definite plus! It’s a great layering piece but it works pretty well alone. The espadrilles are a favorite of mine this year and they are on super sale!

This weekend was pretty chill (aren’t they all?). Friday I got my walk on mid morning and then worked the rest of the day. I also did a little bit of online shopping at Loft. Right now Loft has 50% off your purchase with the code SUNNY. How could I say no to this top? I mean, really, I am only human after all. How about this kimono for $20? check out these other great buys!

We started a new series on Netflix, White Lines, it’s pretty good and there’s only one season.

Saturday I got up and made my grocery list and then hit the Walmart grocery. I found everything I needed and realized I’m getting used to wearing a mask and following the arrows on the ground for going up or down an aisle!

I walked and listened to my podcast, Undisclosed. After returning home I showered and got ready for the day. I worked on the blog, wrote thank you notes from my mother in law’s funeral, and watched season 2 of Dead to Me. I think I liked season 1 better and I’m not a fan of the over use of the “F” word. After dinner my husband and I played rummy, I think that counts as date night, right?

Sunday I met my friend Lorie and we walked a bajillion miles. Okay, actually a little over 5. I stopped in the grocery store. Again. After lunch my husband, Nolan, and I stopped at the local nursery to get some plants and I planted these in this old pot. I have had this pot for awhile and couldn’t decide where to put it and what to plant in it!

The nursery was crazy busy! Everyone is doing their spring planting and it felt so good to be out and surrounded by such beauty. I was a couch potato the rest of the day! How about you? Do anything fun?

Here’s hoping you have a magnificent Monday – only you can make that happen regardless of your circumstances! My son shared a quote with me yesterday that really resonated, ” when all is said and done, more will be said than done.” True, right?

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